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Genie + SearchLight sample app
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Genie Logo

Code for sample app presented here:


  1. clone the repo: $ git clone
  2. in a terminal, cd to the app's folder: $ cd Genie-Searchlight-example-app/
  3. start a Julia REPL session in the app's root: $ julia (or on Windows, if you don't have Julia in your path, you will have to start a new Julia session and then julia> cd(...) into the app's root).
  4. julia> ] to enter Pkg mode
  5. pkg> activate .
  6. pkg> instantiate to download the dependencies for the project

Starting the app

Once all the dependencies have been installed please run:

  1. julia> using Genie # bring Genie into scope
  2. julia> Genie.REPL.write_secrets_file() # needed to set up the encryption key
  3. julia> Genie.loadapp() # load the web app environment
  4. julia> Genie.startup() # start the web app

After a few seconds you should get a message letting you know that the app can now be accessed in the web browser, by default at http://localhost:8000

Restarting the app

Later on you can load your Genie app in the OS terminal by running in the app's folder: $ bin/repl to start an interactive REPL session, and then julia> Genie.startup() to start the web server.

Or directly start the web app at the OS terminal:

$ bin/server # will start the web app non-interactively


For more info about running and building Genie apps please follow the Genie README:

For a step-by-step tutorial of how this app is built go to:

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