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GeniusCode - Razor Templating

Bye, Bye T4 -- Hello Razor.###

Powerful toolset for generating files using Razor Templates (.cshtml) - outside ASP.NET.

  • Supports Razor as C# 'Script Language'
  • Supports Multiple File Outputs
  • Supports ExistingFileBehavior (AlwaysOverwrite | NeverOverwrite)
  • Supports Template Partials
  • Supports Loading Assemblies at runtime
  • Console Version for Build Events
  • API (for Strongly-typed models)


We use this extensively to generate entities, partial classes, class libraries, calculation dependencies, and even create & compile new assemblies. Most of our usage runs via the Console as Pre-Build Events.

You can generate Parent/Children files n-levels deep. You have full control over naming of files and directories that are generated.

API provides you strongly-typed models. Console version provides Expando object for key/value pairs on a dynamic model. We often use the Console (with a 'Start.cshtml') to kick-start other strongly-typed child templates.

Console Usage Examples:

Generates 'Start.g.cs' :

RazorConsole --tbase "$(ProjectDir)\Templates\Entities" --obase "$(ProjectDir)\Output\Entities"
    -f Start.cshtml -o Start.g.cs

Generates only Child Files, no Parent output (notice suspendRootOutput). Supports loading 3rd party assemblies :

RazorConsole --tbase "$(ProjectDir)\Templates\Entities" --obase "$(ProjectDir)\Output\Entities"
    --assemblyFolder "$(ProjectDir)\bin" --suspendRootOutput true -f Start.cshtml -o noFile

Simple C# Template Script:

This includes a partial template and generates some text

@inherits RazorEngine.Templating.DictionaryTemplateBase<dynamic>

Hello World. I'm a Razor Template.

    var partialModel = new { something = value };

    // Able to append other .cshtml templates to myself
    PartialTemplate("Partial.cshtml", partialModel);

Sample Parent/Child Template:

This generates 3 child files: 'Child.1.out', 'Child.2.out', 'Child.3.out' into directory 'ChildFolder'

@inherits RazorEngine.Templating.DictionaryTemplateBase<dynamic>
Hello World. I'm a Razor Template. Now let's generate 3 child files...

    var childTemplate = "Child.cshtml";
    var childFolder = "ChildFolder";

    var collection = new List<int>() { 1, 2, 3 };

    foreach (var i in collection)
        var childOutputName = String.Format(@"{0}\Child.{1}.out", childFolder, i);

        dynamic childModel = new ExpandoObject();
        childModel.someValue = "Hello Child, this is your Parent speaking";

        // Able to output to separate files and folders
        ChildTemplate(childTemplate, childModel, childOutputName);

Running NUnit Tests:

Make sure you disable 'Shadow-copy' in NUnit and/or Resharper. Otherwise our test directories under bin\Debug will not be copied to the test folder, and thus - the tests will fail.


  • RazorEngine on CodePlex.
  • gcConsole + NDesk for Console

We hope you enjoy!

Ryan & Jeremiah


Generate any text / .cs files using C# Razor, with full Intellisense support. Includes .NET API and Console app for Build Event support.



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