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Genoil commented Jul 23, 2016

Is this something you can look at @nerdralph?


This would be helpful to have. I've used the --opencl-devices option for testing individual GPUs, but per-GPU hashrate display would be better. I've only just got comfortable with the stratum code, so it might take me a while to figure out how the hashrate calculation works. Will give it a shot though.


Didn't turn out to be that hard to do; just pushed the changes.
ethminer 28626 15099 15099 20761 15099 21076 = 115762Khs [A54+0:R0+0:F0]
I went with Khs instead of Mhs because:

  1. It displays one more significant digit in the same number of characters as Mhs to 2 decimal places.
  2. The work times were counted in ms, so the math is simpler (hashcount/ms = Khs)
Genoil commented Jul 24, 2016

Great! I still prefer MH/s though, because that's what most people use. Imo the extra digit is less significant than the amount of questions you have to answer to people than can't divide by 1000 ;-)

Genoil commented Sep 21, 2016

still went with MH/s, but thanks for the work!

@Genoil Genoil closed this Sep 21, 2016
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