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Initial versions of in-development MIxS packages published by their research communities:
#20 Parasite Microbiome MIxS (MIxS-PMP)
Project: Parasite microbiome project
Publication: Parasite microbiome project: Grand challenges.
PMID: 31600339 PMCID: PMC6786532 DOI: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1008028
#21 Agricultural Microbiome MIxS (MIxS-Ag)
Project: Agricultural Microbiomes Research Coordination Network (RCN) -
Dundore-Arias J, Eloe-Fadrosh EA, Schriml LM, Beattie GA, Brennan FP, Busby PE, Calderon RB,
Castle SC, Emerson JB, Everhart SE, Eversole K, Frost KE, Herr JR, Huerta AI, Iyer-Pascuzzi AS,
Kalil AK, Leach JE, Leonard J, Maul JE, Prithiviraj B, Potrykus M, Redekar NR, Rojas JA,
Silverstein KA, Tomso DJ, Tringe SG, Vinatzer BA, Kinkel LL.
Community-driven Metadata Standards for Agricultural Microbiome Research.
Phytobiomes journal. 2020 January; doi: 10.1094/PBIOMES-09-19-0051-P.
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