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Spree Warehouse Terminal App for Android
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Spree Warehouse App for Android

THIS PROJECT HAS BEEN TEMPORARILY DISCONTINUED AND NO LONGER WORKS. A separate project will be put up in the future to provide similar functionality.

This is the Android App for the Spree Warehouse extension.

This App provides Android Terminal based warehouse management including product and container tracking through visual code (Barcodes, QR Codes, etc.) scans.

*RFID and NFC tracking methods are planned, but currently there is no funding and no developers with free time available to implement these features. If you would be interested in funding or implementing these features please e-mail .

*After all basic warehouse functionality has been implemented this will be used as a base for a Digital Register/POS App.

We are very much in need of help on this project. If you can provide development assistance or funding to pay for development we will do our best to reward you. Please contact .

This software is copyright Genshin Souzou Kabushiki Kaisha [Phantom Creation Inc.] and is licensed under the GNU GPL version 3 (and thusly "copyleft"). If you are providing this software as a service this app is licensed under the AGPL version 3. To summarize these license conditions: Any and all modifications to this source that are used in any condition other than personal singular use requires you provide/distribute those modifications. We will not take violations of the freedoms we impose on our software lightly. If you require a separate license one can be granted upon consultation; simply contact .

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