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dc713eb Jun 18, 2014
@ConnorDoyle @bradcfisher
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package com.gensler.scalavro.util.test
import org.scalatest.FlatSpec
import org.scalatest.Matchers
import scala.reflect.runtime.universe._
import com.gensler.scalavro.util.Union
import com.gensler.scalavro.util.Union.{ union, prove }
class UnionSpec extends FlatSpec with Matchers {
def typeSubsetOf(a: Seq[Type], b: Seq[Type]): Boolean = {
a.foldLeft(true) { (result, tpe) =>
result && b.exists { _ =:= tpe }
"The union type helpers" should "allow one to define unions" in {
type ISB = union[Int]#or[String]#or[Boolean]
def unionFunction[T: prove[ISB]#containsType](t: T) {}
// unionFunction(math.Pi) // fails to compile (correct behavior)
it should "wrap union type definitions in a 'friendly' class" in {
val wrapped = new Union[union[Int]#or[String]]
wrapped.contains[Int] should be (true)
wrapped.contains[String] should be (true)
wrapped.contains[Double] should be (false)
wrapped assign 55
wrapped.value[Int] should be (Some(55))
wrapped.value[String] should be (None)
wrapped assign "hi, union!"
wrapped.value[String] should be (Some("hi, union!"))
wrapped.value[Int] should be (None)
def unionFunction[T: wrapped.containsType] {}
it should "know its member types" in {
val wrapped = new Union[union[Int]#or[Double]#or[String]#or[Float]]
val expectedMembers = Seq(typeOf[Int], typeOf[Double], typeOf[String], typeOf[Float])
val actualMembers = wrapped.typeMembers
// A subset B AND B subset A => A == B
typeSubsetOf(expectedMembers, actualMembers) should be (true)
typeSubsetOf(actualMembers, expectedMembers) should be (true)
it should "handle unary unions, no matter how silly that seems" in {
val unary = new Union[union[Int]#apply]
unary.contains[Int] should be (true)
unary.contains[Boolean] should be (false)
it should "build up Union instances one type at a time" in {
val unary = new Union[union[Int]#apply]
val binary = new Union[unary.underlying#or[String]]
val ternary = new Union[binary.underlying#or[Float]]
import scala.language.existentials
val t2 = Union.combine(binary.underlyingConjunctionTag, typeTag[Float])
ternary.contains[Int] should be (true)
ternary.contains[String] should be (true)
ternary.contains[Float] should be (true)
// A subset B AND B subset A => A == B
typeSubsetOf(ternary.typeMembers, t2.typeMembers) should be (true)
typeSubsetOf(t2.typeMembers, ternary.typeMembers) should be (true)
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