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Gerrit Workflow for Eclipse

Eclipse install

Gerrit Workflow Branching

##Ready to power up your development workflow?

Switch to better tooling Use Gerrit Workflow Continuously Deliver
Our Webclipse plugin gives you an easy way to improve your experience with Gerrit in Eclipse. Gerrit Workflow for Eclipse is always free with Webclipse, so why not try it today?
Drag to your running Eclipse workspace to install Webclipse
Gerrit Workflow for Eclipse is also available in MyEclipse.
Gerrit Workflow for Eclipse assists you in implementing Gerrit workflow with a powerful combination of code review, change separation and automated or manual testing. Now chances of getting regressions or incomplete features into your stable branch are minimal. Don’t let your customers wait for features and bug fixes. With Gerrit Workflow only reviewed and verified changes make it to the stable branch. No more holding up a release while you wait for incomplete or buggy features.

Gerrit Workflow

##Create and Switch to Change Branches Use change branches to avoid dependencies between commits. Create a change branch every time you start working on a bug fix or a small feature. Set up a target stable branch and use Push to Upstream.

Create Change Branch Dialog

Switch to Change Branch

##Create and Switch to Feature Branches Use feature branches to keep work on new features out of the stable branch until the code matures enough. Create a new feature branch for each new feature and enjoy using Push to Upstream.

Create Feature Branch Dialog

Switch to Feature Branch ##Commit Changes for Review If you use Gerrit Tooling for switching between branches, the repository is always correctly configured to push upstream. Bye, bye Push to Gerrit, welcome Commit and Push.

Commit And Push to Upstream ##Fetch Code Changes We’ve simplified the process of downloading code changes. Just select a change you want from the list of open changes and choose the patchset version.

Featch from Gerrit ##Create and Push Tags This is a great way to tag multiple repositories at once.

Create and Push Tags


Gerrit Workflow for Eclipse




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