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Move commandline handling to Java

The gnirehtet commands were exposed through bash ("gnirehtet", for Linux
and Mac OS) and batch ("gnirehtet.cmd", for Windows) scripts.

Move the handling to the Java code, so the behavior is consistent across
both platforms.

Consequently, rename relay.jar to gnirehtet.jar.
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rom1v committed Aug 4, 2017
1 parent 736aff8 commit e0a7bdc5a545555a60a9b7d2066b81a3845a7438
@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ Download the [latest release][latest]:
Then extract it. You get three files:
- `gnirehtet`
- `gnirehtet.apk`
- `relay.jar`
- `gnirehtet.jar`

## Run (simple)
@@ -97,12 +97,6 @@ To stop a client:

./gnirehtet stop [serial]

On Windows, the server is started in a separate window. To stop it, either close
the window or kill the server from anywhere:

gnirehtet killserver # stop the relay server only
gnirehtet kill [serial] # also stop the client

The _serial_ parameter is required only if `adb devices` outputs more than one

@@ -111,14 +105,12 @@ For advanced options, call `./gnirehtet` without arguments to get more details.

## Run manually

The `gnirehtet` script just exposes an interface for calling simple commands.
You can call them manually.

_Note: On Windows, replace `adb` by `adb.exe`._
The `gnirehtet` program exposes a simple command-line interface that executes
lower-level commands. You can call them manually instead.

To start the relay server:

java -jar relay.jar
java -jar gnirehtet.jar relay

To install the apk:

195 gnirehtet

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This file was deleted.

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