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A script that allows interfacing with an IRC server via Discord.
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A script that allows you to chat on IRC without leaving Discord. Some setup required - this is not a public bot.

This project is unmaintained. It's buggy and discord-irc probably does everything you want it to (it does everything I want it to which is why I ditched this project).


$ git clone
$ cd irc-discord
$ cp config_sample.json config.json
# Fill out your config.json
$ npm i
$ node index.js

The bot requires that your guild be set up in a specific way:

  • There must be a #notices text channel that is not in any category
  • There must be Channels and Private Messages categories
  • Every IRC channel you connect to must already have a corresponding Discord channel in the Channels category, and the name must match up with the one the client expects
    • If you run the bot and a channel is missing, it will tell you what name it was expecting