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Facete2 - A faceted browser for (spatial) RDF data


Quick Setup

Debian Packages

Stable Versions

Stable versions will soon be uploaded to the Linked Data Stack Repository. Instructions will follow.

Development Versions

For the latest development version (built on every commit to master) perform the following steps

Create the file


and add the content

deb precise main contrib non-free

Import the public key with

sudo su
wget -O - | apt-key add -

Please note that you have to adjust some settings; check the prerequisites section of this guide.

Install the application with

sudo apt-get install facete2-tomcat7

Point your browser to


Dataset requirements

  • All properties must be declared with `?x a
  • Geo-Vocabulary is by default configured to wgs84; GeoSPARQL and Virtuoso are supported in the API, however at present there is no switch in the user interface
  • Full text functionality currently requires bif:contains (Virtuoso-specific) to work on rdfs:label's. In order to create the index, open Virtuoso's isql client and run DB.DBA.RDF_OBJ_FT_RULE_ADD(null, null, 'All');


This project is built on these of our other projects: