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-- PostgreSQL database dump
SET statement_timeout = 0;
SET client_encoding = 'UTF8';
SET standard_conforming_strings = off;
SET check_function_bodies = false;
SET client_min_messages = warning;
SET escape_string_warning = off;
SET search_path = public, pg_catalog;
-- Data for Name: lgd_map_datatype_k; Type: TABLE DATA; Schema: public; Owner: postgres
COPY lgd_map_datatype (k, datatype) FROM stdin;
recycling:scrap_metal boolean
undefined int
noexit boolean
cables int
cutting boolean
tunnel boolean
wheelchair boolean
by_night boolean
charge boolean
verified boolean
alternate boolean
mooring boolean
ref:fgkz int
boat boolean
dispensing boolean
fuel:diesel boolean
recycling:shoes boolean
payment:electronic_purses boolean
frequency float
taxi boolean
minspeed int
payment:notes boolean
ruins boolean
fuel:HGV_diesel boolean
recycling:cans boolean
game:patrizier2:tuch int
uic_ref int
snowmobile boolean
atm boolean
level boolean
family_spaces int
recycling:glass boolean
payment:coins boolean
horse boolean
park_ride boolean
lit boolean
permissive boolean
osmarender:renderRef boolean
oneway:bicycle boolean
openGeoDB:loc_id int
toilet boolean
ele float
step_count int
fuel:octane_91 boolean
segregated boolean
traffic_signals:sound boolean
payment:bob boolean
game:patrizier2:bier int
gauge int
osmarender:renderName boolean
StrVz int
lanes int
recycling:green_waste boolean
ncn boolean
motorroad boolean
opengeodb:lon float
game:patrizier2:ziegel int
asb int
erected int
TMC:cid_58:tabcd_1:NextLocationCode int
payment:geldkarte boolean
recycling:glass_bottles boolean
fuel:GTL_diesel boolean
payment:debit_cards boolean
game:patrizier2:wolle boolean
onkz int
bench boolean
maxweight float
VzG int
fenced boolean
seats int
tracks int
opengeodb:lat float
openGeoDB:layer int
recycling:paper boolean
fuel:octane_95 boolean
video boolean
game:patrizier2:eisenwaren int
fuel:octane_98 boolean
fuel:cng boolean
bus boolean
stars int
backrest boolean
public boolean
oneway boolean
blz int
disused boolean
maxwidth int
game:patrizier2:eisenerz boolean
bin boolean
admin_level int
unisex boolean
recycling:batteries boolean
recycling:paper_packaging boolean
bridge boolean
build int
via boolean
agricultural boolean
rail boolean
tactile_paving boolean
fuel:lpg boolean
tram boolean
payment:geltkarte boolean
fuel:octane_100 boolean
waterway:lock:height int
maxspeed int
payment:credit_cards boolean
recycling:plastic boolean
rcn boolean
TMC:cid_58:tabcd_1:LCLversion float
board_type boolean
embankment boolean
diaper boolean
maxheight float
maxlength int
monument boolean
openGeoDB:population int
sms boolean
population int
ski boolean
elevator boolean
recycling:clothes boolean
on boolean
shelter boolean
recycling:metal boolean
layer int
TMC:cid_58:tabcd_1:PrevLocationCode int
payment:telephone_cards boolean
TMC:cid_58:tabcd_1:LocationCode int
produced int
area boolean
game:patrizier2:getreide boolean
seasonal boolean
recycling:garden_waste boolean
de:amtlicher_gemeindeschluessel int
openGeoDB:is_in_loc_id int
openGeoDB:telephone_area_code int
interner_access boolean
bar boolean
openGeoDB:community_identification_number int
departures_board boolean
-- Data for Name: lgd_map_literal; Type: TABLE DATA; Schema: public; Owner: postgres
COPY lgd_map_literal (k, property, language) FROM stdin;
name:en en
name:ja ja
name:fr fr
name:ko_rm ko_rm
name:ar ar
name:de de
name:ru ru
name:sv sv
name:botanical botanical
name:zh zh
name:fi fi
name:be be
name:ka ka
name:ko ko
name:he he
name:nl nl
name:ga ga
name:ja_rm ja_rm
name:el el
name:it it
name:es es
name:zh_pinyin zh_pinyin
name:th th
name:sr sr
name:cy cy
name:uk uk
name:ca ca
name:hu hu
name:hsb hsb
name:fa fa
name:eu eu
name:br br
name:pl pl
name:hy hy
name:kn kn
name:sl sl
name:ro ro
name:sq sq
name:am am
name:fy fy
name:cs cs
name:gd gd
name:sk sk
name:af af
name:lb lb
name:ja_kana ja_kana
name:pt pt
name:hr hr
name:vi vi
name:tr tr
name:fur fur
name:bg bg
name:eo eo
name:lt lt
name:la la
name:kk kk
name:gsw gsw
name:et et
name:mn mn
name:ku ku
name:mk mk
name:lv lv
name:carnaval carnaval
name:hi hi
name:no no
name:gl gl
name:cv cv
name:is is
name:gcf gcf
name:mdf mdf
name:myv myv
name:da da
name:ast ast
name:az az
name:gv gv
name:ba ba
name:scn scn
name:dsb dsb
name:ur ur
name:oc oc
name:tt tt
name:zh_py zh_py
name:tg tg
name:en1 en
name:en2 en
name:en3 en
name:ar1 ar
name:he1 he
-- Data for Name: lgd_map_resource_k; Type: TABLE DATA; Schema: public; Owner: postgres
COPY lgd_map_resource_k (k, property, object) FROM stdin;
-- Data for Name: lgd_map_resource_kv; Type: TABLE DATA; Schema: public; Owner: postgres
COPY lgd_map_resource_kv (k, v, property, object) FROM stdin;
type route
type multipolygon
highway motorway
highway motorway_link
highway trunk
highway trunk_link
highway primary
highway primary_link
highway secundary
highway secundary_link
highway tertiary
highway tertiary_link
highway residential
highway unclassified
highway road
highway living_street
highway service
highway track
highway pedestrian
highway raceway
highway services
highway rest_area
highway bus_guideway
highway path
highway cycleway
highway footway
highway bridleway
highway byway
highway steps
highway mini_roundabout
highway stop
highway give_way
highway traffic_signals
highway crossing
junction roundabout
highway motorway_junction
highway ford
highway bus_stop
highway turning_circle
highway construction
highway proposed
highway emergency_access_point
highway speed_camera
highway street_lamp
traffic_calming yes
traffic_calming bump
traffic_calming chicane
traffic_calming cushion
traffic_calming hump
traffic_calming rumble_strip
traffic_calming table
traffic_calming choker
service parking_aisle
service driveway
service alley
highway passing_place
highway passing_places
winter_road yes
ice_road yes
barrier ditch
barrier fence
barrier hedge
barrier wall
barrier city_wall
barrier retaining_wall
barrier block
barrier bollard
barrier cattle_grid
barrier cycle_barrier
barrier toll_booth
barrier entrance
barrier border_control
barrier gate
barrier horse_stile
barrier kissing_gate
barrier lift_gate
barrier sally_port
barrier stile
barrier turnstile
barrier kent_carriage_gap
barrier chain
cycleway lane
cycleway track
cycleway opposite_lane
cycleway opposite_track
cycleway opposite
tracktype grade1
tracktype grade2
tracktype grade3
tracktype grade4
tracktype grade5
waterway stream
waterway river
waterway riverbank
waterway canal
waterway ditch
waterway drain
waterway dock
waterway lock_gate
waterway turning_point
waterway boatyard
waterway weir
waterway dam
lock yes
tunnel culvert
intermittent yes
waterway aqueduct
waterway waterfall
waterway biwak
waterway depth
waterway drawbridge
waterway ford
waterway fuel
waterway harbour
waterway lock
waterway milestone
waterway mineral_spring
waterway mooring
waterway pumping_station
waterway rapids
waterway rock
waterway sluice
waterway spring
waterway water_point
waterway wreck
railway rail
railway tram
railway light_rail
railway abandoned
railway disused
railway subway
railway preserved
railway narrow_gauge
railway miniature
railway construction
railway monorail
railway funicular
railway station
railway halt
railway tram_stop
railway crossing
railway level_crossing
railway subway_entrance
railway turntable
railway buffer_stop
landuse railway
railway abandoned_station
railway bridge
railway disused_station
railway historic_station
railway junction
railway milestone
railway phone
railway platform
railway signal
railway station_entrance
railway stop
railway switch
railway track_halt
railway tram_station
railway ventilation_shaft
railway viaduct
railway Viva Blue
aeroway aerodrome
aeroway terminal
aeroway helipad
aeroway runway
aeroway taxiway
aeroway apron
aeroway gate
aeroway windsock
aeroway airfield
aeroway heliport
aeroway holding_point
aeroway landing_light
aeroway parking_position
aeroway reportingpoint
aeroway tower
aerialway cable_car
aerialway gondola
aerialway chair_lift
aerialway mixed_lift
aerialway drag_lift
aerialway station
aerialway pylon
aerialway goods
public_transport stop_position
public_transport platform
public_transport station
power tower
power pole
power line
power minor_line
power station
power sub_station
power generator
power cable_distribution_cabinet
power box
power circuit_breaker
power construction
power dismantled
power house_connection_box
power line_connection
power pylon
power switch
power transformer
man_made adit
man_made beacon
man_made crane
man_made cutline
man_made flagpole
man_made groyne
man_made lighthouse
man_made mineshaft
man_made monitoring_station
man_made petroleum_well
man_made pier
man_made pipeline
man_made reservoir_covered
man_made reservoir
man_made surveillance
man_made survey_point
man_made tower
man_made wastewater_plant
man_made watermill
man_made water_tower
man_made water_works
man_made water_well
man_made windmill
man_made works
man_made antenna
man_made barn
man_made billboard
man_made borderstone
man_made bridge pier
man_made building
man_made buoy
man_made cairn
man_made chimney
man_made communications_tower
man_made communications_transponder
man_made cross
man_made Downhill Terminal
man_made environmental_hazard
man_made fire_hydrant
man_made fixme
man_made fountain
man_made gaging_station
man_made gasometer
man_made gate
man_made gazometer
man_made grouse_butt
man_made hut
man_made lamp
man_made lamp_post
man_made landmark
man_made launch_pad
man_made lettering
man_made lookout_tower
man_made manhole
man_made mast
man_made MDF
man_made mine
man_made observatory
man_made oil_platform
man_made oven
man_made phone_mast
man_made pipelinemarker
man_made pipeline_marker
man_made pole
man_made pump
man_made pumping_rig
man_made pumping_station
man_made pumpjack
man_made rig
man_made service_area_interface
man_made serving_area_interface
man_made sheepfold
man_made sign
man_made silo
man_made statue
man_made storage
man_made storage_tank
man_made summit_cross
man_made tank
man_made telephone_exchange
man_made telescope
man_made Uphill Terminal
man_made videosurveillance
man_made village_pump
man_made water_tank
man_made well
man_made well_water
man_made wildlife_hide
man_made windpump
man_made wolf_pit
leisure dog_park
leisure sports_centre
leisure golf_course
leisure stadium
leisure track
leisure pitch
leisure water_park
leisure marina
leisure slipway
leisure fishing
leisure nature_reserve
leisure park
leisure playground
leisure garden
leisure common
leisure ice_rink
leisure miniature_golf
leisure dance
leisure swimming_pool
leisure bandstand
leisure beach
leisure beach_resort
leisure bingo
leisure bird_hide
leisure casino
leisure club
leisure fitness_centre
leisure fitness
leisure fitness trail
leisure gym
leisure hackerspace
leisure hole
leisure horse_riding
leisure hot_spring
leisure music_venue
leisure park_bench
leisure point_of_interest
leisure sailing_club
leisure sauna
leisure skate_park
leisure social_club
leisure sport
amenity planetarium
amenity advertisement
amenity advertising
amenity air_fill
amenity airplane
amenity airport
amenity alm
amenity ambulance
amenity ambulance_station
amenity animal_shelter
amenity restaurant
amenity food_court
amenity fast_food
amenity drinking_water
amenity bbq
amenity pub
amenity bar
amenity cafe
amenity biergarten
amenity ice_cream
amenity kindergarten
amenity school
amenity college
amenity library
amenity university
amenity ferry_terminal
amenity bicycle_parking
amenity bicycle_rental
amenity bus_station
amenity car_rental
amenity car_sharing
amenity car_wash
amenity fuel
amenity grit_bin
amenity parking
amenity parking_space
amenity parking_entrance
amenity taxi
amenity ev_charging
amenity atm
amenity bank
amenity bureau_de_change
amenity pharmacy
amenity hospital
amenity baby_hatch
amenity dentist
amenity doctors
amenity nursing_home
amenity social_facility
amenity veterinary
amenity arts_centre
amenity cinema
amenity community_centre
amenity social_centre
amenity fountain
amenity nightclub
amenity stripclub
amenity studio
amenity theatre
amenity bench
amenity brothel
amenity clock
amenity courthouse
amenity crematorium
amenity embassy
amenity fire_station
amenity grave_yard
amenity hunting_stand
amenity marketplace
amenity place_of_worship
amenity police
amenity post_box
amenity post_office
amenity prison
amenity public_building
amenity recycling
amenity sauna
amenity shelter
amenity telephone
amenity toilets
amenity townhall
amenity vending_maschine
amenity waste_basket
amenity waste_disposal
amenity watering_place
amenity art_gallery
amenity artwork
amenity ATM
amenity Baisschool
amenity bakery
amenity bandstand
amenity bank,atm
amenity bank;atm
amenity Bank
amenity barbeque
amenity Barfusspfad
amenity bicycle_lockers
amenity billboard
amenity boat_rental
amenity border_control
amenity brewery
amenity Briefkasten
amenity bts
amenity building_entrance
amenity building
amenity bus_stop
amenity camera
amenity campsite
amenity care_home
amenity car_repair
amenity casino
amenity cemetery
amenity chapel
amenity charity
amenity child_care
amenity chiropractor
amenity church_hall
amenity church
amenity citymap_post
amenity clinic
amenity club_house
amenity club
amenity coffeeshop
amenity commercial
amenity community_hall
amenity company
amenity concert_hall
amenity conference_centre
amenity construction
amenity consulate
amenity cross
amenity customs
amenity daycare
amenity dead_pub
amenity derestricted speed limit
amenity disused_pub
amenity dive_center
amenity doctor
amenity dog_bin
amenity dog_waste
amenity dormitory
amenity driving_school
amenity elevator
amenity emergency_phone
amenity emergency_telephone
amenity entrance
amenity factory
amenity farm
amenity fire_beater
amenity fire_hydrant
amenity fireplace
amenity first_aid
amenity florist
amenity foot_shower
amenity forester
amenity fraternity
amenity fuel;car_wash
amenity funeral_home
amenity gallery
amenity gambling
amenity garage
amenity garbage
amenity goverment_building
amenity grave
amenity guidepost
amenity gym
amenity hairdresser
amenity hall
amenity health_centre
amenity heuriger
amenity hide
amenity hospice
amenity hotel
amenity hunting_blind
amenity hut
amenity hydrant
amenity information
amenity insurance
amenity internet_access
amenity internet_cafe
amenity internet
amenity job_centre
amenity kneipp_water_cure
amenity lamp
amenity lamp_post
amenity language_school
amenity lawyer
amenity layby
amenity leisure_centre
amenity leisure
amenity licensed_club
amenity lifeboat_station
amenity life-buoy
amenity life_ring
amenity litter_bin
amenity market
amenity massage
amenity medical_centre
amenity medical
amenity milestone
amenity milk_dispenser
amenity mine
amenity monastery
amenity mortuary
amenity motorcycle_parking
amenity mountain_rescue
amenity music_venue
amenity natural_shelter
amenity nest_box
amenity notice
amenity nursery
amenity observatory
amenity office
amenity optometrist
amenity other
amenity parcel_box
amenity park_bench
amenity park
amenity parking;fuel
amenity parking_meter
amenity parking;restaurant;fuel
amenity phone
amenity physiotherapy
amenity picknick
amenity picnic table
amenity picnic_table
amenity pietra miliare FD
amenity playground
amenity plumber
amenity preschool
amenity public_market
amenity reception_area
amenity red_cross
amenity register_office
amenity relay_box
amenity rescue_box
amenity rescue
amenity rescue_service
amenity residential_home
amenity residential
amenity restaurant;pub
amenity retail
amenity retirement_home
amenity salon
amenity scout_hall
amenity scout_hut
amenity seat
amenity seating,ornamental
amenity sento
amenity service
amenity services
amenity sheltered_housing
amenity shop
amenity shopping
amenity shops
amenity shower
amenity showers
amenity signpost
amenity ski_rental
amenity ski_school
amenity snow_park
amenity social_club
amenity social_services
amenity solarium
amenity spa
amenity speed_enforcement
amenity speed_trap
amenity sport
amenity sports_centre
amenity statue
amenity storage
amenity street_lamp
amenity street_light
amenity supermarket
amenity surgery
amenity survey
amenity swimming_pool
amenity table
amenity take_away
amenity tourist
amenity trade
amenity traffic_light
amenity trash_bin
amenity trash_can
amenity tricycle_station
amenity vdsl-aru
amenity vehicle_inspection
amenity vending
amenity vending machine
amenity vending_machine
amenity vet
amenity vets
amenity video_rental
amenity village_hall
amenity walking_bus
amenity waste_basket;recycling
amenity waste_bin
amenity waste_bucket
amenity waste_container
amenity waste
amenity water_fountain
amenity water
amenity water_well
amenity well
amenity whirlpool
amenity wifi
amenity winery
amenity wlan
amenity WLAN
amenity youth_centre
amenity youth_club
office accountant
office administrative
office architect
office camping
office company
office educational_institution
office employment_agency
office estate_agent
office government
office insurance
office it
office lawyer
office newspaper
office architect
office ngo
office quango
office research
office telecommunication
office travel_agent
shop alcohol
shop anime
shop art
shop baby_goods
shop bakery
shop bathroom_furnishing
shop beauty
shop bed
shop beverages
shop bicycle
shop books
shop adult
shop agrarian
shop animal
shop animals
shop antique
shop antiques
shop antiquities
shop apparel
shop appliance
shop appliances
shop art_gallery
shop art_supplies
shop audiologist
shop audio_video
shop automotive
shop auto_parts
shop auto_repair
shop baby
shop bags
shop barber
shop bathroom
shop beautician
shop beauty_salon
shop betting
shop bookmaker
shop bookmakers
shop books
shop boutique
shop butcher
shop butchers
shop camera
shop candy
shop car;car_repair
shop car_dealer
shop cards
shop car
shop car_parts
shop carpenter
shop carpet
shop carpets
shop car_repair
shop car_wash
shop catalogue
shop cell_phones
shop ceramics
shop chandler
shop charity
shop cheese
shop chemist
shop chocolate
shop closed
shop clothes
shop clothes: women
shop clothes:women
shop clothing
shop coffee
shop coffee_shop
shop communication
shop communications
shop computer
shop condos
shop confectionery
shop construction
shop convenience
shop copyshop
shop cosmetics
shop craft
shop crafts
shop dairy
shop decoration
shop delicatessen
shop deli
shop department_store
shop dept
shop design
shop discount
shop dive_centre
shop diy
shop doityourself
shop dollar
shop driving_school
shop drugstore
shop dry_cleaning
shop electrician
shop electronics
shop empty
shop estanco
shop estate_agent
shop fabric
shop fabrics
shop fairtrade
shop farm
shop farm_shop
shop fashion
shop financial
shop fish
shop fishing
shop fishmonger
shop fitness
shop fixme
shop FIXME
shop flooring
shop florist
shop flowers
shop folk_art
shop food
shop foto
shop frozen_food
shop fruit
shop funeral_directors
shop furniture
shop gallery
shop gambling
shop games
shop garage
shop garden_center
shop garden_centre
shop garden
shop general
shop gift
shop gifts
shop glass
shop glaziery
shop goldsmith
shop greengrocer
shop groceries
shop grocery
shop gym
shop haberdashery
shop hairdresser
shop hardware
shop health_and_beauty
shop health_food
shop health
shop hearing_aid
shop hearing_aids
shop hifi
shop hobby
shop home
shop home_improvement
shop household
shop housewares
shop ice_cream
shop insurance
shop interiors
shop internet_cafe
shop jewelers
shop jewelry
shop keys
shop kiosk
shop Kiosk
shop kitchen
shop laundry
shop leather
shop legal_services
shop lighting
shop lingerie
shop locksmith
shop mall
shop market
shop massage
shop mattress
shop meat
shop minimarket
shop misc
shop mobile
shop mobile_phone
shop mobile_telephony
shop motorbike
shop motorcycle
shop motorcycle_repair
shop musical_instruments
shop music
shop nail_salon
shop nails
shop newsagent
shop newsstand
shop no
shop office
shop office_supplies
shop optician
shop organic
shop other
shop outdoor
shop outlet
shop painter
shop paint
shop pastry
shop patisserie
shop pawnshop
shop payday_loans
shop perfume
shop perfumery
shop pet_food
shop pet
shop pet_shop
shop pets
shop pet_supplies
shop pet_supply
shop pharmacy
shop phone
shop photocopying
shop photo
shop plumber
shop pottery
shop printer
shop printing
shop real_estate
shop records
shop salon
shop scuba_diving
shop second_hand
shop shipping
shop shoemaker
shop shoe_repair
shop shoes
shop shop
shop shopping_center
shop shopping_centre
shop snacks
shop solarium
shop souvenir
shop souvenirs
shop sport
shop sports
shop stationary
shop stationery
shop supermarket
shop Supermarket
shop sweets
shop tailor
shop take_away
shop tanning
shop tattoo
shop tax
shop tea
shop technology
shop telecom
shop telecommunication
shop telephone
shop textiles
shop thrift
shop ticket
shop tickets
shop tobacco
shop tobacconist
shop tourist
shop toys
shop travel agency
shop travel_agency
shop trumpet
shop tyres
shop undefined
shop unknown
shop vacant
shop variety
shop video_games
shop video
shop video_rental
shop watches
shop water_refilling
shop whatever
shop wholesale
shop windows
shop wine
shop winery
shop wood
shop yes
shop zoo
craft agricultural_engines
craft basket_maker
craft beekeeper
craft blacksmith
craft brewery
craft boatbuilder
craft bookbinder
craft carpenter
craft carpet_layer
craft caterer
craft clockmaker
craft confectionery
craft dressmaker
craft electrician
craft gardener
craft glaziery
craft handicraft
craft hvac
craft insulation
craft jeweller
craft locksmith
craft key_cutter
craft metal_construction
craft optician
craft painter
craft parquet_layer
craft photographer
craft photographic_laboratory
craft plasterer
craft plumber
craft pottery
craft rigger
craft roofer
craft saddler
craft sailmaker
craft sawmill
craft scaffolder
craft sculptor
craft shoemaker
craft stand_builder
craft stonemason
craft sun_protection
craft sweep
craft tailor
craft tiler
craft tinsmith
craft upholsterer
craft watchmaker
emergency ambulance_station
emergency fire_extinguisher
emergency fire_flapper
emergency fire_hose
emergency fire_hydrant
emergency phone
emergency ses_station
emergency siren
tourism alpine_hut
tourism attraction
tourism artwork
tourism bed_and_breakfast
tourism camp_site
tourism caravan_site
tourism chalet
tourism guest_house
tourism hostel
tourism hotel
tourism information
tourism motel
tourism museum
tourism picnic_site
tourism theme_park
tourism viewpoint
tourism zoo
tourism yes
tourism hanami
building temple
building cathedral
building synagogue
building yes
building apartments
building barn
building building
building bunker
building cabin
building chapel
building church
building clubhouse
building collapsed
building commercial
building detached
building dormitory
building entrance
building entry
building farm
building flats
building fortress
building garage
building hall
building hospital
building house
building hut
building kiosk
building monastery
building no
building office
building offices
building pavilion
building residential
building retail
building school
building shed
building terrace
building tower
building train_station
building university
building unknown
building yes
historic archaeological_site
historic battlefield
historic boundary_stone
historic castle
historic fort
historic memorial
historic monument
historic ruins
historic wayside_cross
historic wayside_shrine
historic wreck
historic rune_stone
historic abbey
historic boundary_marker
historic bridge site
historic building
historic chapel
historic church
historic city_gate
historic fountain
historic Granattrichter
historic heritage
historic house
historic icon
historic industrial
historic lavoir
historic manor
historic marker
historic menhir
historic milestone
historic mill
historic mine
historic mine_shaft
historic monastery
historic museum
historic palace
historic protected_building
historic saints_cross
historic statue
historic stone_circle
historic tombstone
historic tower
historic tumulus
historic UNESCO_world_heritage
historic wayside_chapel
historic well
historic yes
landuse allotments
landuse basin
landuse brownfield
landuse cemetery
landuse commercial
landuse construction
landuse farm
landuse farmland
landuse farmyard
landuse forest
landuse garages
landuse grass
landuse greenfield
landuse greenhouse_horticulture
landuse industrial
landuse landfill
landuse meadow
landuse military
landuse orchard
landuse plant_nursery
landuse quarry
landuse railway
landuse recreation_ground
landuse reservoir
landuse residential
landuse retail
landuse salt_pond
landuse village_green
landuse vineyard
landuse mine
landuse mining
landuse park
landuse parking
landuse resis
landuse thresing_floor
landuse treerow
landuse wood
military airfield
military bunker
military barracks
military danger_area
military range
military naval_base
motorcar agricultural
motorcar no
motorcar private
motorcar yes
natural coastline
natural bay
natural water
natural spring
natural volcano
natural peak
natural glacier
natural bedrock
natural scree
natural fell
natural stone
natural sand
natural grassland
natural heath
natural scrub
natural wood
natural tree
natural wetland
natural marsh
natural mud
natural cliff
natural cave_entrance
natural beach
natural bench
natural cape
natural cave
natural channel
natural col
natural crater
natural feature
natural fen
natural fjord
natural geyser
natural headland
natural hill
natural island
natural land
natural moor
natural mountain_pass
natural mushroom
natural peninsula
natural plain
natural plateau
natural point
natural reef
natural ridge
natural river
natural rock
natural rocks
natural sa
natural sea
natural shoal
natural strait
natural valley
natural waterfall
natural waterhole
geological palaeontological_site
geological outcrop
route bicycle
route bus
route detour
route ferry
route hiking
route mtb
route piste
route railway
route road
route ski
route train
route tram
boundary administrative
boundary civil
boundary political
boundary maritime
boundary national_park
boundary protected_area
boundary city_limit
boundary forest
boundary marker
boundary national_forest
boundary protected_area
sport 9pin
sport 10pin
sport american_football
sport aikido
sport archery
sport athletics
sport australian_football
sport base
sport badminton
sport bandy
sport baseball
sport basketball
sport beachvolleyball
sport billard
sport billards
sport billiard
sport bmx
sport boules
sport bowls
sport bowling
sport boxing
sport cannadian_football
sport canoe
sport chess
sport cliff_diving
sport climbing
sport climbing_adventure
sport cockfighting
sport cricket
sport croquet
sport curling
sport cycling
sport darts
sport dog_racing
sport equestrian
sport fencing
sport field_hockey
sport free_flying
sport gaelic_games
sport golf
sport gymnastics
sport handball
sport hapkido
sport hockey
sport horseshoes
sport horse_racing
sport ice_hockey
sport ice_skating
sport ice_stock
sport judo
sport karting
sport kitesurfing
sport korfball
sport model_aerodrome
sport motor
sport netball
sport obstacle_course