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A web service for running TripleGeo


Tested in Tomcat7

To deploy the service to your Tomcat server run:

mvn tomcat:deploy

or to redeploy:

mvn tomcat:redeploy


The rest services available are:

Path Method accepts produces Body Description
/ GET application/json Get all performed transformations
/{uuid} GET application/json Get transformations description
/ POST application/json application/json config* New transformation
/upload POST multipart/form-data application/json Upload a file to be used in a transformation

The configuration for a new transformation needs the following JSON:

        "job": "[esri|gml|kml] ",
        "format": "[RDF/XML|N3|N-TRIPLES]",
        "targetStore": "[GeoSPARQL|Virtuoso]",
        "inputFile": "path/to/shape/file.shp",
        "featureString": "points",
        "attribute": "osm_id",
        "ignore": "UNK",
        "type": "points",
        "name": "name",
        "uclass": "type",
        "nsPrefix": "georesource",
        "nsURI": "http://geoknow.eu/geodata#",
        "ontologyNSPrefix": "geo",
        "ontologyNS": "http://www.opengis.net/ont/geosparql#",
        "sourceRS": "",
        "targetRS": "",
        "defaultLang": "en",
        "targetEndpoint": "http://localhost:8080/sparql",
        "targetGraph": "http://example/results"

For a better description for the parameters check TripleGeo.