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A geometry model that conforms to the OGC Simple Features for SQL specification.

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A geometry model for Java that conforms to the Simple Features For SQL specification 1.2.1.

It is intended as a drop-in replacement for the Java Topology Suite (JTS) geometry model. GeoLatte-geom is fully interoperable with JTS but offers the following additional features:

  • immutable data structures (Geometries are value objects).
  • support for 3D, 2DM and 3DM geometries
  • support for several dialects of WKT/WKB (Postgis, Sql Server, SFS 1.21)
  • pluggable, extendable Geometry operations
  • CRS-awareness (knowledge of coordinate reference system (projected/geodetic, angular units of metres)
  • geodetic operations (length, distance and area calculations)
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