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FDSN Examples

The files in this folders are Python notebooks that will demonstrate some simple ways to use the GeoNet FDSN webservices in Python and with the Python module, ObsPy. Please note these examples use Python 3, so the syntax may differ slightly to Python 2.7. We recommend you use Python 3 as it has some important bug fixes. For non-python examples, please see the FDSN page on the GeoNet websites

Summary of examples

File Description
clients Demostrates different ways to manage multiple clients, the archive and near real-time clients.
general Demostrates how to get waveforms for a specific event using the event ID and utilising information returned from querying event and station services.
dataselect Examples of using the dataselect to request waveform data.
event Examples of using the event service to get event information and parse QuakeML.
station Examples of using the station service to get station information and parse StationXML.