Use GeoExplorer in your Django projects
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django-geoexplorer allows you to use GeoExplorer in your Django projects.

This is just packaging work for the boundless suite client sdk.

The releases will be done loosely based on the suite releases but the minor version numbers may not match.


pip install django-geoexplorer


  • Add geoexplorer to your INSTALLED_APPS



git clone
cd suite
git submodule update --init
cd ../
git clone
cp -R suite/geoexplorer/target/geoexplorer/WEB-INF/app/static/* django-geoexplorer/geoexplorer/static/
cd django-geoexplorer
git add geoexplorer/static
vim  # update the version number
git add
git commit -m "Commit committed, a new release was needed because the other one was old."
git push origin master
python sdist upload


  • Lesser GNU Public License
  • OpenGeo Suite License - GPL