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Setting up website environment locally

# setup virtualenv
virtualenv && cd $_
. bin/activate
# get the repo
git clone && cd
# set Ruby environment variables
# install Jekyll
gem install jekyll link-checker jekyll-feed jekyll-mentions jekyll-sitemap github-pages


# edit content
jekyll build
jekyll serve  # default port is 4000, set explicitly with -P 
# check links
check-links _site
# view at http://localhost:4000
# adding blogposts
cd _drafts
# make sure to set the following YAML front matter:
# layout: base
# preview with `jekyll build --drafts` or `jekyll serve --drafts` and draft will show up as latest post
# when you are ready to publish:
# - rename the file as per the current YYYY-MM-DD
git mv _drafts/ _posts/
vi _posts/
# commit and push
git commit -m 'publish article'
git push origin master