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GeoNode's Documentation
Welcome to GeoNode's Documentation.
GeoNode is an Open Source, Content Management System (CMS) for geospatial data. It is a web-based application and platform for developing geospatial information systems (GIS) and for deploying spatial data infrastructures (SDI).
First Steps
The following sections give an overview of GeoNode from different perspectives, they are targeted at a non-technical audience and the quick installation guide at people who just want to get it installed and will come back later to the complete documentation.
* :doc:`About GeoNode <about>`
* :doc:`Quick Installation Guide <tutorials/install_and_admin/quick_install>`
* :doc:`GeoNode Users Quickstart Manual <tutorials/overview_and_ref/introduction/geonode_quickstart>`
How To Use The Documentation
The documentation is geared toward three distinct types of users:
#. **Users**: Are people who log into a GeoNode website and use its functionality.
#. **Administrators**: Are people who install and deploy GeoNode websites in production for their Users.
#. **Developers**: Are people who write code to add functionality, integrate with other systems, fix bugs, and potentially help an Administrator setup a server and deploy a GeoNode instance for production.
The documentation is divided into three sections:
#. :doc:`Tutorials: <tutorials/index>` Step-by-step instructions in workshop format that help a user to accomplish a set of tasks.
#. :doc:`Reference: <reference/index>` Architecture, component information, API descriptions etc.
#. :doc:`Organizational: <organizational/index>` About the project, how to contribute, links, resources, other info.
Table of contents
About GeoNode
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The :doc:`Tutorials <tutorials/index>` section contains step-by-step workshops that are oriented around performing particular sets of tasks, like adding data or publishing maps, setting up and maintaining a server, or setting up a project to extend from GeoNode. These tutorials are written in a workshop like format and are broken into three groups: Users, Administrators and Developers.
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The :doc:`Reference <reference/index>` section provides details about the internals of the GeoNode project. It has background information about components that make up GeoNode, the security system, APIs and much more.
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The :doc:`Organizational <organizational/index>` section contains information about the GeoNode project itself, how to contribute, learn about the community, helpful links, about the patch review process, the project road map and other administrative items.
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Need Help?
Having trouble? Cant find what you are looking for? We'd like to help!
* Search for information in the `archives of the GeoNode mailing list`_, or
`subscribe and post a question`_.
* Join the GeoNode chat in ``_.
* Ask a question in the `#geonode IRC channel`_ using
`Freenode's web based client`_.
* Report bugs with GeoNode in our `issue tracker`_.
.. _archives of the GeoNode mailing list:
.. _subscribe and post a question:
.. _#geonode IRC channel: irc://
.. _Freenode's web based client:
.. _issue tracker: