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@@ -260,21 +260,11 @@ DB_DATASTORE_TYPE='postgis'
Directory Structure
-* docs/ - ? I think this is to help paver find our docs so whit doesn't have
- to maintain two checkouts to build them.
-* hazard.json - a data dump for the hazard categories
-* package - this directory is where distributable bundles of the GeoNode pieces
- end up (in theory? I don't think we used this for the most recent deployment)
-* - the main build script for everything
-* - a zip archive of the paver library used by
-* - a shim to make the entire GeoNode source tree look like a Python
- package. This probably should not be there since our Python modules have
- their own source tree with a now.
-* shared/ - where "build configuration" lives. This includes some dependency
- lists for the Python modules and stuff like the ini file with the location
- of the sample data archive.
-* src/ - where the source code for the actual project lives. This is divided
- up like so:
+* docs/ - Documentation based on Sphinx
+* - Main build script.
+* shared/ - Configuration files and support files for the installer.
+* src/ - Source code for the java, javascript and python modules. Split in:
* geonode-client/ - the JavaScript/CSS for general apps (the Map editor,
search, embedded viewer...)
* GeoNodePy/ - the Python/Django modules. Inside, geonode/ is the "core".

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