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Updates GeoNodyPy to use Django 1.3.1. This is prudent as Django 1.2.x is no longer receiving security updates and the previous target of Django 1.2 was also out-of-date (with Django 1.2.7 being the last release in the 1.2.x branch).

Notable changes (see commit messages for more details):

  • Using new DATABASES setting, which is a dictionary instead of several DATABASE_* settings
  • Include the CSRF token in all ExtJS AJAX requests automatically (CSRF became required in AJAX requests as of Django 1.2.5)
  • Updates for latest versions of staticfiles:
    • Removal of SERVE_MEDIA, which has been a noop since staticfiles 1.0 (serving of media is entirely determined by DEBUG)
    • URL entries to serve uploaded media
    • Added staticfiles finders to settings
  • Added GDAL and numpy to requirements (both have always been required according to the README, but failure to install GDAL was ignored with Django 1.2.x. Django 1.3.x raises an exception when it is not found)
lukeman added some commits Apr 9, 2012
@lukeman lukeman bump requirements for django 1.3.1
including numpy and GDAL as explicit requirements
as previous versions of django failed silently
when these weren't installed. with django >= 1.3
this throws an exception. the requirement of
libgdal and numpy is already outlined in README.
@lukeman lukeman fixing a transaction exception with django 1.3
when the commit manually decorator is used, django
forces you to manage the transaction in all cases.
since we handle the GET case with a simple
response and no transaction commit, an exception
was being thrown. moving the transaction case to
the second part of the method resolves this.
@lukeman lukeman update staticfiles urls
SERVE_MEDIA is no longer used by staticfiles, with
DEBUG being used automatically to determine when
to serve staticfiles using django. also added a
static view to serve uploaded media.
@lukeman lukeman update settings for django 1.3 56f31ae
@lukeman lukeman include csrftoken in ajax requests 655f83d

Didn't see #195 before sending this in. Closing mine and I'll help out on that PR.

@lukeman lukeman closed this Apr 9, 2012
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