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lukeman commented May 29, 2012

This is an initial set of templates for GeoNodePy implemented using Twitter Bootstrap. You may reference GNIP 28 for more info on this.

Effort was made to implement these new templates on top of the existing backend code, with no changes beyond adding django_forms_bootstrap to the installed apps and requirements in order to provide a bootstrap forms filter.

This set of templates retains the usage of all ExtJS components for search, profiles, uploads and permissions settings.

Be sure to let me know if you have any questions or feedback.

lukeman added some commits Feb 27, 2012

@lukeman lukeman adding bootstrap media and initial page_layout 2e0f60d
@lukeman lukeman move admin back into the user dropdown 65e2565
@lukeman lukeman getting extjs and bootstrap playing nicely 71caa3f
@lukeman lukeman Merge branch 'master' into bootstrap 9cd787b
@lukeman lukeman new base template 3eb3c86
@lukeman lukeman form template 066f962
@lukeman lukeman new index template 772d0d0
@lukeman lukeman add bootstrap license to included media directory 116f188
@lukeman lukeman move language bar to footer 5028f3a
@lukeman lukeman use named auth urls for log in 8b1d3f6
@lukeman lukeman minor fixes for navbar 9b7cfb9
@lukeman lukeman new profile and registration/auth templates 768ff47
@lukeman lukeman add avatar template 4769d63
@lukeman lukeman update to bootstrap 2.0.2 (fix for map creation) 8bcb24f
@lukeman lukeman updating maps and layer templates 1a698c8
@lukeman lukeman Merge branch 'master' into bootstrap 8cf56a2
@lukeman lukeman add bootstrap datatables and arrange media c487a66
@lukeman lukeman use datatables on profile detail 92870ce
@lukeman lukeman 25 per page 1a02b86
@lukeman lukeman add templates for developer and help pages 26f63ff
@lukeman lukeman custom styling b4eee93
@lukeman lukeman new templates for data and maps 2b500a3
@lukeman lukeman increase padding on map composer 8a236dc
@lukeman lukeman improve form rendering 29a7cb4
@lukeman lukeman add extra_script block to base a37e3b8
@lukeman lukeman use modals for profile maps/data list actions 415d79a
@lukeman lukeman add label to account bar 5ac6244
@lukeman lukeman additional styling for help/developer pages 8a7450b
@lukeman lukeman forgot password link to button 73c1f1c
@lukeman lukeman style log out eca7bb2
@lukeman lukeman initial search template 29f1900
@lukeman lukeman move search out to its own file, use hogan to render templates 6521457
@lukeman lukeman move permissions form out, apply to profile maps and layer details pages f927c5f
@lukeman lukeman remove search logic from template 370dc7d
@lukeman lukeman remove permissions form from profile page 806e200
@lukeman lukeman fix modal toggle with new form id 293cb24
@lukeman lukeman only show language switcher if csrf token is provided a9798ac
@lukeman lukeman use dtl safe delimiters in js templates b1b8a8a
@lukeman lukeman switch to external bootstrap forms app ca6e2d8
@lukeman lukeman Merge branch 'master' into bootstrap
* master: (65 commits)
  Better looking default for feature info.
  django admin command cleardeadlayers deletes layers from GeoNetwork as well
  package_client does not need to unzip geonode-client, it is done by setup_geonode_client
  Moved media to static
  Removed creation of staticfile, zip_extractall does it by default
  Switched to geonode/static/geonode instead of geonode/media/static
  Switched to the new LOGGING dictionary notation in
  Removed the need to use geoserverpass in production as well
  GEOSERVER_TOKEN is now set to SECRET_KEY during development
  Updated AUTHORS. Welcome Bart, Thanks Ian and Michael.
  Profile link now points to create profile when none exists
  Fix DataCartOps to include CSRF token in the form it builds
  Fixed issue with databas restore.
  Avoid getting SLD from the REST interface, use /geoserver/styles/ endpoint instead. Fixes #219
  Fixed numbering in update layers. It now starts from 1 instead of 0.
  Fixed path to site.css in customization instructions.
  Fixed path to GeoNode logo in documentation.
  Updated backup doc with notes.
  Added backup documentation.

@lukeman lukeman remove chosen cebc8d7
@lukeman lukeman move bootstrap static into static dir 6f8a553
@lukeman lukeman merge map templates a816f97
@lukeman lukeman merge profile templates 81e0d1c
@lukeman lukeman remove bootstrap profile templates 200e5f8
@lukeman lukeman merge registration templates 68b7964
@lukeman lukeman include new maps base template ffdca8e
@lukeman lukeman merge avatar template b2021b6
@lukeman lukeman merge base templates de1523d
@lukeman lukeman update error templates c8f08f1
@lukeman lukeman remove unused template b164d58
@lukeman lukeman remove bootstrap templates dir from settings 9dd555e
@lukeman lukeman add back missing js fb0ab8e
@lukeman lukeman Merge branch 'master' into bootstrap
* master: (69 commits)
  Added AerialWithLabels as a default background layer with visibility=False
  Added Bing and Mapbox sources, they are not enabled by default but accessible through the add layer dialog
  Added missing .mo files
  Added default JAVA_HOME to /etc/default/tomcat6 for Ubuntu 12.04
  Added location of postgis.sql for postgres 9.1
  Fixed location of static files in
  Fixed logging in local_settings and added it to settings also
  Added MapQuest imagery to list of base layers
  Moved default zoom and center to a more inclusive default. (We still love you Nicaragua)
  Added Mapquest base layer and TMS/Mapbox support in the backend
  Updated italian locale
  Update locale files
  Ran makemessages on all available languages
  Marked Powered by as translatable
  Fixed some typos
  Fix javascript tag and remove social header
  Fix javascript tags and move rating and social under title
  Fix errant merge detritus
  Move jqery to geonode/static (vs old geonode/media)
  Fixed help page

@lukeman lukeman fix some named urls 2fc5627
@lukeman lukeman clean up styles and scripts ebbfe6d
@lukeman lukeman fixing a few issues from merge fc267f6
@lukeman lukeman Merge branch 'master' into bootstrap
* master: (39 commits)
  Added javascript messages
  Added locale en
  Updated locale files
  Pegged requirements.txt to latest versions known to work.
  Removed SERVE_MEDIA. It is not needed anymore with staticfiles built in Django
  pep8 geonode/
  Switched index, help and developer pages to direct_to_template generic views
  Simplify regex in index view
  Fix hyperlink to "creating styles with desktop software"
  Update user help doc for Adding New Data with suggested fixes and additions
  Remove simplejson from the list of dependencies
  Consolidate the use of json and simplejson favoring django.utils.simplejson as json
  No idea why I forgot to add Tom Kralidis before.
  Added Patrick Altman (paltman) to AUTHORS - I am sure we are missing other people from the Eldarion team, please let me know using a Pull Request :)
  Added Ben McCall (iogoinc) to AUTHORS.
  Fix typo
  Add note about using http instead of git if firewall blocks port 9418, see Issue #196
  Switched GeoServer's output strategy to FILE. PARTIAL-BUFFER2 gives an invalid output even when the output file is smaller than the buffer setting. Note that this would make GeoServer slower but at least it would be safer when used by GeoNode
  Fix NaN/NaN/0NaN dates on the profile page for some browsers
  Switched pip to the version in pypi instead of the bitbuckets one in

@lukeman lukeman fix named urls 5c05881
@lukeman lukeman update to bootstrap 2.0.3 0d0dd29
@lukeman lukeman remove max-width auto from map tile images 1802e3a
@lukeman lukeman tweak colors a bit 0aa926e
@lukeman lukeman adding stock less files 1bb4bbf
@lukeman lukeman custom variables a41132e
@lukeman lukeman Merge branch 'master' into bootstrap
* master: (35 commits)
  Revert add null=True to keywords - we need to find another way to make them optional
  Added missing null=True to keywords field
  Fixed reverse url for metadata edit page. This was causing uploads to fail
  Removing date string that appeared twice in pre-alpha releases
  Removed __all__ from after simplifying the implementation
  Switched to use the PEP 386 compatible version string
  Better default for get_version value
  Switched to a PEP 386 compliant string version
  Added link to Vagrant getting started guide in install.txt
  Bump to alpha7
  Added OpenLayers/Format/CQL.js that was needed in latest gxp wrench dialog
  Revert moving development.db to PROJECT_ROOT because it messes with the test scripts in Jenkins
  Revert changes to setup_geonetwor
  name=GeoNodePy in
  Added build information from git when geonode is running in development mode
  Updated directory structure in README
  Removed dependencies from README that were not needed anymore
  Do not download geonetwork every time paver build runs
  Bumping version to 1.2-alpha6
  Removed GEONODE_UPLOAD_PATH from geonode.local_settings

@lukeman lukeman remove custom search utilities and datatables 0a2c9d0
@lukeman lukeman prefix sprites d848b4a
@lukeman lukeman clean up css compatibility 1eb3558
@lukeman lukeman remove scripts and styles that are no longer included c1eed0b
@lukeman lukeman switch back to extjs components b2dd746

dwins commented May 30, 2012

The permissions editor doesn't seem to be working (loading at all) on the layer page. Also on the layer page, the style picker is itself styled strangely (different indentation from the rest of the sidebar.)

I also see rather a lot of string changes, since the non-English translations are probably going to lag a bit if we can minimize those I would like to.

jj0hns0n closed this Jun 13, 2012

@allyoucanmap allyoucanmap pushed a commit to allyoucanmap/geonode that referenced this pull request Apr 3, 2017

@mbarto mbarto Merge pull request #251 from mircobe87/issue-248-overflow
Fixes #248, added overflow style rule
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