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GNIP 3 Merge geonode integration and geonode

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GNIP 3 - Merge geonode-integration and geonode


Place the integration tests in src/GeoNodePy/geonode/tests instead of having them in another repo.

Proposed By

Ariel Nuñez

Assigned to Release

TBD. ( I propose to do this for 1.1 as it does not change behavior)


Under Discussion


Keeping tests in a different repo makes it harder to have them both in sync and also is inconvenient for people trying to run them and has already cause trouble when doing branch merging and setting up the integration server.

It will also let us monitor more easily our policy of adding tests with commits because they would be atomic.


Only run the integration tests if GeoServer is online and contains no layers.

This check would be done at the start of the integration tests to ensure it does not hijack an existing GeoServer installation.

Delete the GeoNode/geonode-integration repository

To avoid confusion, once the migration is done.

Update the continuous integration server with the restructure.

Should not be too hard, just removing the git checkout of geonode-integration and running the command in the main geonode directory.


Leave it the way it is now


No feedback yet.


No votes yet.

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