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GNIP 5 Abstract OGC:CSW Functionality

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GNIP 5 - Abstract OGC:CSW Functionality



Allow metadata publishing and searching to operate against any OGC:CSW endpoint.

This will allow GeoNode to be configured against any OGC:CSW regardless of underlying implementation/deployment.

This will also allow for plug and play interoperability in the context of publication and discovery, as well as seperation of concerns for supporting components of GeoNode.

Proposed By

Jeffrey Johnson (on behalf of Tom Kralidis)

Assigned to Release

TBD (1.2 ??)


For Review and Comment


GeoNode allows for users to publish maps and data in a central node/location. Data are published to underlying data services (OGC:WMS/OGC:WFS/OGC:WCS). Metadata are published to an underlying catalogue service (OGC:CSW).

Data are discoverable by GeoNode via querying the OGC:CSW, processing search results, and binding to relevant data services accordingly.

Currently, all catalogue functionality is bound to GeoNetwork Opensource. All data services functionality is bound to GeoServer.

Abstracting GeoNode's catalogue and metadata functionality to be OGC:CSW agnostic would add value to the project for integration with any OGC:CSW server implementation. Example OGC:CSW server implementations may include (but are not limited to) pycsw, deegree, etc.



Use owslib exclusively as the OGC:CSW client library. Enhance and fix owslib as required.

OGC:CSW Abstraction

Use as much of the OGC:CSW implementation as possible. Keep implementation specific functionality as required:

  • GeoNetwork: reuse existing GeoNetwork implementation. GeoNetwork requires additional interaction for publishing metadata records (login/logout, privileges, etc.)
  • pycsw: transactions are bound to IP address restrictions. All published metadata is public


Provide test mechanisms to demonstrate interoperability with various OGC:CSW implementations. TODO: need to further clarify


Do nothing


See discussion on the geonode-dev list here.


Ariel +1 - I would like to take care of the review and merging of this work.

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