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gis-data - Sample data for GIS packages

Sometimes you need sample raster and vector data for your python applications.

Sometimes you need bad data for your corner test cases. (No projections, NaN values).

Sometimes you just need test metadata.

This library provides all of the above.


The latest release can be installed using:

pip install gisdata


Get the absolute path to the the sample data from python:

>>> from gisdata import DATA_DIR
>>> print DATA_DIR
>>> from gisdata import BAD_DATA
>>> print BAD_DATA
>>> from gisdata import GOOD_DATA
>>> print GOOD_DATA
>>> from gisdata import METADATA_DIR
>>> print METADATA_DIR
>>> from gisdata import GOOD_METADATA

Known Issues

  • Vector data does not have sld files
  • No .keywords files for machine tags


  • Ariel Núñez (ingenieroariel)
    Initial vector and raster data
  • Rob Marianski (rmarianski)
    Time enabled datasets
  • Tom Kralidis (tomkralidis)
    Metadata samples