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TP4 : Subdivision curves

In this TP, you'll implement three subdivision schemes for closed curves: Chaikin, corner cutting and four-point.

cd GeoNum2017/
git pull

or, if you don't have the local repo

git clone


cd TP4/

As before, you can pass parameters directly as command line args:

python [simple,infinity,bone,bunny]  [scheme=CH,CC,FP]  [subdivision depth]

For instance, to subdivide the bone dataset with 5 iterations of four-point:

python bone FP 5

Functions to modify

  • Chaikin : perform one iteration of Chaikin's algorithm.
  • CornerCutting : perform one iteration of corner cutting algorithm.
  • FourPoint : perform one iteration of four-point algorithm.


If X0 is the base polygon and X1 the subdivided polygon (in matrix form), two steps are needed to compute X1 from X0.

  • Topological step: curve is upsampled by inserting a new vertex between each two adjacent vertices. We implement this simply by initializing X1 with zeros while doubling the amount of rows:
n = X0.shape[0]
X1 = np.zeros([2*n,2])
  • Geometric step: new positions are computed for all vertices. Implementation: run a loop for i from 0 to n-1 and compute X1[2*i,:] and X1[2*i+1,:] at each step.


  1. Implement the three subdivision schemes.

  2. Experiment with different values of a, b in corner cutting. Specifically, try using

    • b =a+0.5
    • b~=a+0.5

    What do you observe?

  3. Generalized four-point uses the mask [-w,0.5+w,0.5+w,-w]. (w=0.0625 in the original scheme.) Modify your implementation of this algorithm to account for the tension parameter w and try varying its value. You should get C1 limit curves for w in [0,sqrt(5)-1)/8] ~ [0,0.154].

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