This application is a solution for data collection (online/offline) with mapping functional for data collection driven projects
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#GeoODK Collect Version 2.0

Now supported by GeoMarvel

Need to convert you geoshape/geotrace or geopoint data, check out GeoConverter Blog

This application is was derived from the ODK Collect application. The goal is to have the power of ODK data collection intergated with map's and added spatial functionality

The main site can be found here: GeoODK Home


Important Update (Jan-12-2015)

GeoODK Developemnt will be moving to Android Studio


Main functionality

  • XlsForm/ODK data collection
  • OSM Mapping- Offline/Online Mapping
  • Point display
  • Polygon and Polyline creation in survey/form
  • Offline line Layer tiles (MapBox) .mbtiles.See here


Being Developed

  • geoTrace, the ability to collect points while moving moving locations.
  • The ability to collect only spatial information (point/polygon/polyline) and then attache location to form when filling our survey.
  • KML functionality


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The Developers Group, form technical conversations