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Drive to park


This service will implement the calculation of the nearest available parking areas, calculating the paths from a given departure point to all the different parking areas within a certain distance range.

This service will be implemented as a simple WPS interface operation having the following input parameters:

  • type of vehicle (e.g. car, bike, motorbike, …)
  • position (from GPS on mobile)
  • location and type of parking areas

The first parameter will determine also the type of park to be used (car park lots, bike racks, …). The output of the service will be the list (and position) of the nearest parking; if available (optional) the service will also provide information about

  • number of available car park lots
  • their classification and information (free of charge, time restrictions, cost, … reserved for disabled people, reserved for pregnant, …)

Once the user will select one of the results, the routing service will be invoked to calculate the shortest path to the park.

Work done

Development completed and deployment on

Work remaining

Integrated test

Current issues



No specific destination point is needed, hence one of the most important parameters in the majority of the planning request will not be needed: the toPlace parameter.

To enable such requests it is necessary to set the mode parameter to a specific value: mode=CAR_DRIVETOPARK.

In addition to this, a new optional parameter has been defined: carToParkRange=10 through it the user may specify the size of the research buffer.

If not specified it will default to 500mt.

Moreover users are not allowed to use values greater than 2000, an error will be thrown otherwise.

A sample request for this service is:

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