GSC Building on site check

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Buildings on site data quality check


In order to estimate the energy performance of buildings or the CO2 emissions, data quality level should be as higher as possible. This service regards editing functionalities to manage data quality controls (completeness and correctness) on attributes of buildings necessary for other Green Energy specialized services. On-site data quality check are performed using WFS-T services, on top of GeoSmartCity Buildings data model.

Work done

Development already available from SUNSHINE project, new configuration with GSC "Buildings" data model implemented on PostGIS database (, new mobile client app version configured for Marousi, Oeiras and Reggio, available on


Work remaining


Current issues



App for Data

The Map4Data is a mobile application implemented to allow pilot to check “on-the-field” the correctness of buildings’ geodata properties (e.g. age of construction, uses, …) and let them add or modify such properties, if missing or needed. The app has been implemented using PhoneGap open source framework , in order to be installed on Android o.s. (4.1 or higher) devices;

Once the app has been installed on a tablet or smartphone, any logged-in user may:

  • Visualize a thematic map of buildings for scenario1 and check which buildings have some missing properties; indeed, the thematic map shows buildings with a “traffic light” colour code: “red” is used for buildings that have some missing information and have not yet been checked by any user, “yellow” is used for buildings that have been checked by the user but still have some missing information, “green” is used for buildings that have no missing information;
  • Click on a polygon representing a building and get its details (attributes);
  • Edit attributes, adding missing values or correcting wrong ones;
  • Save edits.

This mechanism allows partners to perform fast visual checks on the field, close to buildings, to control thematic completeness and correctness of data, and provide further (missing) information, or correct the inaccurate one.

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