GSC GE Report

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Green Energy report


Green Energy Report service takes data returned by other services to create a “geo-report” according to pre-defined pilot templates; the resulting reports will be printable files (pdf) with all necessary information for the users. The Green Energy Report is based on libraries provided by the open source OpenOffice project; therefore allows users to download a pdf file describing the energy consumption and the energy performance of all the buildings in the municipality area. The report contains data, presented as tables, maps and charts, of the energy performance divided in two area of interest, the public „Energy units“ and the residential buildings; the first set of reports describe the energy used and the energy perfomance of the public sector buildings, the second one describe the same data but related to private building inside the municipality area.

Work done

Development drafted as RESTful service based on JSON document.

Work remaining

Deployment on as servlet on Tomcat.

Current issues



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