GSC Upload of future buildings dataset

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Upload of future buildings dataset

Description Ingestion of small datasets representing spatial features of new/designed future buildings where to perform solar potential analysis. The ingestion is a simple on-the-fly upload of small-sized files in the following formats:

  • SHP (optionally, with Z dimension)
  • GML (optionally, with Z dimension)
  • KML
  • CityGML

Data are automatically ingested into a spatial database (PostGIS) and temporarily appended to existing tables already containing spatial features of existing buildings.

Work done

Definition of db structure to store data of files SHP, KML, GML and CityGML.

Implemented processing and ingestion of files: shp, kml and gml. Every possibilities are already provided thru one single REST service. It was implemented automatic managing of dataset with different epsg. A new pilot can ulpload data in own reference system without any preconfiguration

The service parses the file and ingests the data in the PostGIS table as 3D multipolygon geometry. If the building is in 2d, the service transforms to 3d using the height value: we have “floating” polygons with Z at the value of the “height” attribute.

The features are catalogued in Geoserver and made available as WFS featureTypes with getFeatures operations and (CQL) filter on timestamp attribute (required to give the user the possibility to load different datasets related to the same extent) and valid (with lifespan_end null).

How use the service

The REST service is reachable at

For use the service the client must:

1.  [Required] Upload the file that contains the building for the new area
2.  [Required for 2d geometry] Suggest the field that contains the height value
3.  [Required] Suggest the epsg for the reference system (for example: 3763 for Portugual) 
4.  [Optional for gml Inspire] Suggest the field that contains the localId for Inspire (ex: localId)
5.  [Optional for gml Inspire] Suggest the field that contains the namespace for Inspire (ex: namespace)

For the api for this service look Swagger page

Work remaining


Current issues



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