Specialized Services

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GeoSmartCity specialized services are “pilot-driven” services tightly coupled to the detailed requirements coming from pilot partners in terms of data processing and user engagement. The overarching objective of the specialized services is to provide common re-usable functionalities among the two scenarios (Green Energy and Underground).

General issues

Green energy

Building "on-site" data quality check.

Estimation of energy performance of buildings.

Buildings CO2 emissions estimation.

Heat consumption dashboard.

Green energy report.

Upload of future buildings dataset.

Solar potential calculation.

Zero-balance layer.

Multilingual Address Geocoding.

Green preferences and routing.

Next departure time.

Drive to park.

Linked open geodata in GreenEnergy scenario.

Routing service:


Geo crowd-sensing platform.

Field work verification and correction of underground database information.

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Field work orientation through augmented-reality and POIs.

Tracing of sewage network

Use of GIS and SCADA information for water networks planning.

Use of GIS, Hydraulic models and simulations for water networks planning.

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