Tracing of sewage network

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Scenario: Upstream and downstream tracing from a single node in the sewage network

Description: Select a single node as the starting point for upstream and/or downstream tracing along the connected sewage network. Return a list sewage pipes traversed during the trace; in no particular order.

Source repository:

Status: Fully operational


  • Sample Java source code and tests with sample networks, including double path, parallel path and loops to verify the functionality of the JGraphT library.
  • JPA mapping to a realistic network stored in PostGIS database, tracing test with this database.
  • Short report on single run performance.
  • Output available for visualisation in QGIS.
  • Restful web API to trace upstream or downstream. GeoJSON response.
  • UI component to select node and initiate upstream or downstream trace; integrated in e-envplus/geoadmin interface.

Known Issues



Tracing service hosted in the hub

Tracing service integrated in a web portal

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