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GWC Release Guide
Branching for Release
Make a copy of the default config file and config schema for compatibility testing
$ cp core/src/main/resources/geowebcache.xml core/src/test/resources/org/geowebcache/config/geowebcache_150.xml
$ cp core/src/main/resources/org/geowebcache/config/geowebcache.xsd core/src/main/resources/org/geowebcache/config/geowebcache_150.xsd
$ git add core
$ git commit -m "Retained 1.5 config for compatibility testing"
Create a new branch off of master.
$ git branch 1.5.x
In master
$ git checkout master
Update version numbers in POMs and other config files
$ find . -name pom.xml -exec sed -i 's/1\.5\-SNAPSHOT/1\.6\-SNAPSHOT/g' {} \;
$ sed -i 's/10\-SNAPSHOT/11-SNAPSHOT/g' pom.xml
$ find release -name "*.xml" -exec sed -i 's/1\.5\-SNAPSHOT/1\.6\-SNAPSHOT/g' {} \;
$ sed -i 's/1\.5\.0/1\.6\.0/g' core/src/main/resources/geowebcache.xml
$ sed -i 's/1\.5\.0/1\.6\.0/g' core/src/main/resources/geowebcache_empty.xml
$ sed -i 's/1\.5\.0/1\.6\.0/g' core/src/main/resources/org/geowebcache/config/geowebcache.xsd
Edit in the documentation sources, set the version numbers appropriately
Commit changes
$ git add .
$ git commit -m "Updated version to 1.6-SNAPSHOT"
Tagging and releasing
In the branch
$ git checkout 1.5.x
Update the Release Notes.
$ emacs RELEASE_NOTES.txt
$ git add RELEASE_NOTES.txt
$ git commit -m "Updated release notes for 1.5.0"
Note the commit id
Set the 'release' version in
- Update project version
Set project version in pom.xml files:
$ cd <project root>/geowebcache
$ find . -name pom.xml -exec sed -i 's/1\.5\-SNAPSHOT/1\.5\.0/g' {} \;
$ sed -i 's/10\-SNAPSHOT/10-beta/g' pom.xml
$ find release -name "*.xml" -exec sed -i 's/1\.5\-SNAPSHOT/1\.5\.0/g' {} \;
(replace 1\.5\.0 by the actual version number keeping the '\' escape characters)
- Build docs
$ cd <project root>/documentation/en/user
$ make clean html
- Build version
$ cd <project root>/geowebcache
$ mvn clean install
- Package up release artifacts
$ mvn assembly:attached
The following files should be at <project root>/target/release:
- geowebcache-<VERSION>
- geowebcache-<VERSION>
- geowebcache-<VERSION>
- Test the src artifact
$ cd <project root>/geowebcache/target/release
$ unzip geowebcache-<VERSION>
$ mvn clean install
$ cd web
$ mvn jetty:run
Go to http://localhost:8080/geowebcache and check the app works as expected. Make sure the front page contains the version number. Test the demo pages
$ cd ../..
$ rm -rf geowebcache-<VERSION>
- Test the war artifact
$ cd <project root>/geowebcache/target/release
$ unzip geowebcache-<VERSION>
$ less LICENSE.txt //check license is copied ok
$ rm LICENSE.txt
$ mv geowebcache.war <tomcat dir>/webapps
$ cd <tomcat dir>
$ rm -rf temp/geowebcache (in case you had an older gwc version in there)
$ bin/
Go to http://localhost:8080/geowebcache and check the app works as expected. Make sure the front page contains the
version number and the git commit as the build ID. Test the demo pages
- Build schema docs
Make sure you have xsddoc installed: <>. If not, download and:
$ unzip
$ cd xsddoc/bin
$ dos2unix xsddoc
$ chmod +x xsddoc
$ alias xsddoc=`pwd`/xsddoc
Now build the schema docs:
$ cd <project root>/geowebcache
$ mkdir -p target/release/geowebcache-$VERSION/schema
$ xsddoc -o target/release/geowebcache-$VERSION/schema -t "GeoWebCache $VERSION Configuration Schema" core/src/main/resources/org/geowebcache/config/geowebcache.xsd
Check the generated docs:
$ cd target/release
$ firefox geowebcache-$VERSION/schema/index.html
Package up the docs:
$ zip -r geowebcache-$ geowebcache-$VERSION
$ rm -rf geowebcache-$VERSION
- Deploy (Requires credentials for the OpenGeo maven repository)
$ cd <project root>/geowebcache
$ mvn deploy
- Tag the release
$ cd <project root>/geowebcache
$ git add .
$ git commit -m "Set version to $VERSION"
$ git tag -a $VERSION -m "Tagging release $VERSION"
- Reset version info
Now reset the version number to major.minor-SNAPSHOT, but recording a reverse patch so the history is clear:
$git revert <commit id>
where <commit id> is the commit hash for the "Set version to $VERSION" commit above. I.e. the first one shown by git log
$ git push origin
$ git push origin --tags
don't forget to add the --tags option so the new tag is pushed to the mainstream repo
This requires credentials for the GWC web site (S3), and a Sourceforge account with access to the GWC project.
Create a new directory for the version in the files section on SourceForge. Upload the four zip files in release/ to it.
If it's the new stable release, bring up the info dialog for the war zip and set it to be the default download for all platforms and the name of the download to "GeoWebCache <version>"
Use the AWS CLI to copy files to the web site. The root of the site is at The following paths are relative to this.
Unzip the doc zip and upload the contents to ./docs/$VERSION.
$ unzip geowebcache-$
$ cd geowebcache-$VERSION/doc
$ aws s3 cp --recursive . s3://$VERSION/
If it's the new stable release, also upload the contents to 'current'.
$ aws s3 cp --recursive . s3://
Update ./docs/index.html
Upload geowebcache.xsd and geowebcache_diskquota.xsd to ./schema/$VERSION/
$ cd <project root>/geowebcache
$ aws s3 cp geowebcache-$VERSION/core/src/main/resources/org/geowebcache/config/geowebcache.xsd s3://$VERSION/geowebcache.xsd
$ aws s3 cp geowebcache-$VERSION/diskquota/core/src/main/resources/org/geowebcache/config/geowebcache-diskquota.xsd s3://$VERSION/geowebcache-diskquota.xsd
Update ./index.html Add a notice at the top of the page and provide a link to the files on Sourceforge.
Post emails to the Dev and User mailing lists.
Other notes
When you're done releasing, cherry pick the commit with the release note changes into master. Alternatively, copy, paste and commit.
The config schema and example config files shouldn't usualy change in the stable branch, but if they do, make a version named copy in a seperate commit from the change, then cherry pick that commit into master.
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