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Edited to console commands => Less space, more effective, more customizeable (thanks to open source managing). Using Delphi XE2 for project hosting.

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GeoOS Script in Console, works cross-platform Windows Systems.

Supported Windows systems: 98/XP/2000/Vista/7/8 Developer preview/8 Customer Preview
Works on any version (Starter, Home, Proffessional, Ultimate, etc.)
Tested on all of them.

Req.: Windows system with internet connection

Want help? We will help you understand our scripting!
Open an Issue, if you found an error, or need help with your code.
Fork, Edit and post me back your results on the main repository!

For script tutorials or list of functions, go to the "Wiki" section.

Thank You for using GeoOS Script.

Open Source Script Language.
Console version of (Development ended)
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