A collection of Matlab post- and pre-processing tools for the Finite Volume Community Ocean Model (FVCOM)
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The fvcom-toolbox is a collection of matlab and fortran90 scripts for the purpose of preparing and postprocessing data from the Finite Volume Community Ocean Model. These include:

  1. scripts for preparing input files for FVCOM (wind forcing, open boundary forcing, river forcing, etc.)
  2. scripts for converting meshes from SMS to FVCOM
  3. scripts for postprocessing FVCOM data using Matlab
  4. scripts for preparing data for the unstructured SWAN model

Notes: (1) The html based documentation is generated using m2html and is available with the download (see doc/index.html)

(2) The code was originally maintained at a google code repository (http://code.google.com/p/fvcom-toolbox/). This repository was used between Sep, 2010 (initial commit) and July, 2013 when it was moved to github (https://github.com/GeoffCowles/fvcom-toolbox). Commit history was not maintained during the move as substantial revisions had been made to the code by Plymouth Marine Laboratory members outside of version control. The github trunk includes most of these changes noted in the file headers and noted in the file PML_ChangeLog.txt

Note: to download an updated version or update through git go to https://github.com/GeoffCowles/fvcom-toolbox