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An iOS App created in PhoneGap 3.1 and Xcode sends location information to a web based database.

Processing queries the database for the latest user locations. (This hack elimates the need for a web service running on the controller computer running Processing and issues around getting a static, public IP address.)

Assumes you've got a local web server with PHP and MySQL. (Setting in your Apache config file may need to be adjusted to connect to clients other than 'localhost'.) I've configured a local database table with fields: user, long, lat, id and time. location.php posts new data, location_query.php retrieves data. (It looks like a mess in a web browser, but the source code is formatted as CSV and this is how Processing will see it.)

A whitelist setting needs to be made to one of your config.xml files in your PhoneGap / Xcode project to be able to connect to jQuery remotely. Otherwise, this is the only file you have to edit:

This will be integrated to an Xbee Arduino Audio network: