Angular v5 library for developing rest-python -backed UIs for REDHAWK SDR Systems
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AngularJS-based client framework for developing rest-python -backed UIs for REDHAWK SDR

The original inspiration and some of the code-base came from the REDHAWK SDR admin-console. It was scaled back to a generic framework, included into Geon's fork of rest-python as client, and then heavily modified to match the ongoing development of new interfaces and features.


For CentOS 6 installations with the EPEL repository, as would be required to install REDHAWK SDR, you can install npm and bower as follows (as root):

yum install -y nodejs npm --enablerepo=epel

Include angular-redhawk in your web app's bower.json as a dependency as shown in the various provided examples:

"dependencies": {
    "angular-redhawk" : ""

Then from your web app's directory, use bower install to download the module to your bower_components directory. If prompted to resolve a dependency issue, err on the side of angular-redhawk (even though we actually package all of its dependencies into a minified JS for you).

Next, in your top-level HTML file, include the following, as appropriate:


See the angular-redhawk/examples for some ideas on how to interact with the client services.

Updating the Distribution

Should you need to update dependencies for Angular-REDHAWK, clone or copy the repository locally. Modify the dependencies as appropriate in bower.json and Gruntfile.js. Then use npm, bower, and grunt to rebuild the dist/ files.

npm install
bower install

This should rebuild the angular-redhawk(.min).js, vendor.js, and vendor.css packages.

NOTE: This process is only required if your angular-redhawk has been modified to have newer/different dependencies or if you have modified angular-redhawk itself (added directives, etc.). If your web app has dependencies, modify its own bower.json instead and include the necessary files in your HTML.

Adding Functionality

Modifying any of the js or html files under src/ requires that you run grunt to repackage the distribution files.

Should you need to define a new AngularJS module and then extend it in additional files, define the module in a def.js file. The Gruntfile.js is written to concatenate def.js first, and then the remaining scripts to resolve dependency issues while still allowing for a clean directory structure.