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GRC to REDHAWK Component Converter

This tool ingests a GNURadio Flow Graph (GRC XML) and outputs a custom REHDAWK Component capable of representing variables and data stream ports using Properties and BULKIO Ports, respectively. The Component can then be included in an arbitrary Waveform and deployed into a network-distributed REDHAWK Domain.

Flow Graph Requirements

  1. Remove and/or disable all UI elements from the Flow Graph. If you must have a display output for a data stream, consider using a redhawk_sink block and the plotting capabilities in REDHAWK SDR's IDE or using a web-based solution such as Geon's REST-Python or REDHAWK SDR's Enterprise Integration and a suitable web UI front end.

  2. Replace any hardware-specific blocks for data ingress and egress with redhawk_source and redhawk_sink blocks.

Tool Requirements

This tool requires that all of the following be installed wherever this tool is run:

  1. REDHAWK SDR 2.0.6
  2. GNURadio 3.7.9
  3. GNURadio REDHAWK Integration Python


Install the gr_flowgraph REDHAWK Component Template using the associated Makefile:

sudo make install

This will load the template into the OSSIEHOME Python package for the REDHAWK SDR Code Generator.


Assuming your Flow Graph has been configured to meet the requirements, conversion to a REDHAWK Component project is a single step:

./converter/ ./path_to/my_flowgraph.grc [./path_to_component]

The location where to store the Component definition is optional; its default is the current working directory.

Pybombs Users: Source your script before running the converter as it requires PYTHON_PATH to include your GNURadio installation.


You can then deploy (install) the Component to the SDRROOT as one would any typical REDHAWK Component:

./ install

Note: The above assumes that the user running the commands is a member of the redhawk group so that the user has write access to the SDRROOT.

Important: The above depends extensively on your deployment scheme. See the GNURadio REDHAWK project for more information.