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a circle logo with an emblem of a speech bubble and a background of a gradient of blue and green


Adwaita-inspired Discord Theme

COC BSD-2-Clause


This is a Discord theme inspired by GNOME's default theme, Adwaita, in an attempt to make Discord look like it's part of the environment.

The theme is written in Less and supports both light and dark mode. There's a few config options in ./src/DNOME.less. If you are looking to recolor it, you can do so by modifying the Less/CSS variables found in ./src/modules/variables/.

The theme might be missing styles on elements that I don't have access to (Nitro) or are new (app directory) or changed class names. Please open an issue if you find any.


Note: might be outdated or not match the current version of Discord.

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screenshot of the friends page
screenshot of a text channel with a new messages banner
screenshot of guild settings, safety setup showing radio buttons
screenshot of a text channel with a thread open
screenshot of the global search or spotlight
screenshot of inbox popup screenshot of search popup screenshot of context menu on a message screenshot of guild settings popup screenshot of search results screenshot of create a server modal screenshot of user profile popup screenshot of gif picker screenshot of inbox unread mentions popup screenshot of replying to message bar accessory

Note: these are just some of the compoenents - not everything.


You can inject it using Crycord, BeauitfulDiscord, BetterDiscord, Powercord & any other CSS injector available.

There are 3 options for obtaining the theme:

  1. DNOME-latest.css, which imports the latest compiled version.
  2. dist/DNOME.css, which is the latest compiled version.
  3. Compile it yourself.

Some client mods require special metadata. The theme is in its simplest form.

However, if you feel something needs extra instructions, open an issue and I'll list it below.

Keep in mind that many plugins and elements from them might not be styled.

For BetterDiscord

BetterDiscord requires a non-CSS META tag and a specific suffix on the filename. There are 2 options for installing the theme:

  1. Download ./DNOME.theme.css and place it in your themes/ folder.
  2. Copy paste the contents of the desired file in the Custom CSS section in settings.



You can compile DNOME from your browser!

Visit and follow the instructions.


  • Install Less
  • Run one of the following commands:
$ make less
$ lessc ./src/DNOME.less ./dist/DNOME.css
  • Done, the theme should be available at ./dist/DNOME.css

GTK Themes

You can use colors from your current GTK theme by running:

$ make gtk
$ node gtk/grab_theme_colors.mjs

and then compiling DNOME again.

Warning Manually set your Discord theme in settings to the one matching your GTK theme (Dark/Light). DNOME doesn't override everything on Discord but rather enhance it.


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  1. Read the Code of Conduct
  2. Read the Discord Theming Guide
  3. Fork it ( )
  4. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  5. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'feat: some feature')
  6. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  7. Create a new Pull Request