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A quick & easy shopping list experience for iOS.
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[WIP] Swift Shop

A quick & easy shopping list experience for iOS.

Using Swift Shop

  • Add products to your "repository" using the products tab
  • Tag each product with information you'd find useful, or would like to search by
    • e.g. Carrots might have the tags Grocery Store, Vegetables, Aisle 3, while beer may have the tags Liquor Store, Beverage, etc
  • When you're planning to visit a store, filter the products tab by relevant tags, and tap items to add them to your list
  • View the list tab to see your added items, and tap to check each one off as you shop
    • If you've filled out the price field on each item, you'll see a total cost of items you've checked off so far




  • Xcode 11 or higher
  • iOS 13 or higher (if installing the app on a device)

Dev Logs

I've been writing weekly posts about my experiences using SwiftUI for the first time on my website. Feel free to check them out:

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