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tntp (v2)

(tiled new tab page)

A dead simple new tab replacement that displays web page links as a customizable grid of colored tiles.

Built with:


  • Will be available in browser extension stores soon!



Clone the repository, and run yarn or npm i in the project directory.

Run (Dev mode)

Run yarn start or npm run start to start Parcel in watch mode, then load the extension in your browser (see 'Load' section below). The static/ directory will be copied into the output dist/ directory automatically, making it ready to be loaded by a browser.

As this is an extension, hot reloading is not available, and we have to manually refresh the page to see changes. A simple refresh will do the trick; we don't have to re-install the extension every time.

Build (Prod mode)

Run yarn build or npm run build to have Parcel generate a build in production mode. Like run, this will write its output files (including the static/ directory) to dist/.

As part of the build process, a .zip file is generated inside dist/. It will be named, and is ready for uploading to browser extension stores.

Load Extension

NOTE: These instructions are just for development. Check the 'Install' section above for directions on installing an official release.

NOTE: You must build the extension with Parcel before loading it. See the 'Run' or 'Build' sections above.

Firefox (version 57+ recommended)

  • Browse to about:debugging
  • Click "Load Temporary Add-on"
  • Browse to [project root]/dist and select any file


  • Browse to about:extensions
  • Click "Load Unpacked Extension"
  • Browse to [project root]/dist and click open

Check official browser documentation for extension packaging and distribution instructions.


Simple new tab page WebExtension.






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