Demonstration of the Dangl.AVA and Dangl.GAEB libraries
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An online version of the converter is freely accessible at my blog
A more detailed feature description is available on my website.

This project requires Visual Studio 2017 or newer. Otherwise, the Dotnet CLI is also supported. For Visual Studio 2013 and Visual Studio 2015, please see the vs2013 branch.

This is a demonstration library intended to show the usage of the Dangl.AVA and Dangl.GAEB projects. To build this solution, you need to copy four packages into the ./packages folder, relative to the root of this project:

  • Dangl.AVA
  • Dangl.GAEB
  • Dangl.AVA.Converter
  • Dangl.AVA.Converter.Excel

If you are already a customer with support contract, please see any of the packages documentation on how to set up the official NuGet feed for DanglIT packages.

These packages are not included in this repository. This project is intended to demonstrate the usage of the Dangl.AVA and Dangl.GAEB libraries. Please get in touch with me if you are interested in the libraries.

CLI Interface

The console application is launched via

Dangl.AVA.Examples.exe -i <InputFile> -o <OutputFile> -t <Target> [-s] [-e] [-p]
Parameter Description
-i Path to an input file. Can be any GAEB file or an Excel file created by this tool
-o Path of the output file without extension. Will overwrite existing files
-t Transformation target, can be either Excel, Gaeb90, Gaeb2000 or GaebXml
-s Optional, if included, all prices, taxes and deductions are stripped from the output
-e Optional, if included, the output files will not have a comment with a branding of the library
-p Optional, if included, prints all positions found in the GAEB file to the console

Additional Samples

The unit test project in test/Dangl.AVA.Examples.Tests contains additional example code, such as roundtripping and simple reading of GAEB files.

GAEB Example Files

You can find examples of GAEB files in the GaebFiles folder in the solution root directory. They are available in German DE or English EN language and come in all three formats - GAEB 90, GAEB 2000 and GAEB XML.

Library Key Features

  • Can read all GAEB90, GAEB2000 and GAEB XML files. The GAEB library includes a lot of code that can recover from errors that were found in files out in the wild
  • Hassle-free import: Just pass the Stream of the file to the converter, format detection and error recovery happens automatically
  • All libraries are available with both .Net and NETStandard targets, making them usable on virtually all platforms (for example on Windows, Linux, Mac and Xamarin)
  • Dangl.GAEB provides a native interface to all features of GAEB files, allowing native operation directly on the GAEB file
  • Dangl.AVA offers a unified data model that can be bi-directionally imported or exported to via Dangl.AVA.Converter between GAEB, Excel and Json
  • Advanced heuristics allow the preservation of most information even when converting to an earlier version of the GAEB standard
  • Complete INotifyPropertyChanged support in Dangl.AVA and event driven messaging makes it directly usable in front end applications - Set the price of an item and the whole bill of quantity is automatically updated
  • Over 120.000 tests are run automatically on every commit. The tests cover 7 frameworks (both full .Net and .Net Core) and over 200 GAEB files


Library Structure