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Jay edited this page Feb 17, 2020 · 3 revisions

The table lists all the permissions, their defaults and in which groups they are included.

Permission Description Default backpack.disable backpack.user backpack.bypass backpack.admin backpack.userBig
backpack.use false false true true
backpack.size.1 false true
backpack.size.2 false
backpack.size.3 false
backpack.size.4 false
backpack.size.5 false
backpack.size.6 false true
backpack.clean false false true true
backpack.clean.other OP true
backpack.fullpickup true
backpack.others OP false true
backpack.others.edit OP true
backpack.keepOnDeath OP true
backpack.noCooldown OP true
backpack.ignoreGameMode OP true
backpack.ignoreWorldBlacklist OP true
backpack.update OP true
backpack.reload OP true
backpack.migrate OP true
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