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Welcome to the repository of the InfOli Project.

This project aims at designing a high-performance
simulator for the Inferior Olivary Nucleus. It was
specifically designed with the Intel Xeon Phi (KNC)
platform in mind, but is expected to work on any
x86-based architecture.


/src holds the source code for the simulator. Notice
that the code is, for the moment, accelerated under 2
distinct programming models (OpenMP and an MPI-OpenMP hybrid).
The makefile distinguishes between building for the
phi accelerator and the Xeon (or any x86-based) processor.
Example of usage: make omp_phi, compiles
and links the simulator for the phi platform, under the
OpenMP coding paradigm.

/tools holds generators for input to the InfOli simulator.
A connectivity matrix (/connectivity) is imperative for
any simulation, while an applied current (/iapp) is optional.
The connectivity matrix is *normally* supplied by the tools
contained in this folder, however current versions of the simulator
operate with a built-in matrix generator - the tools are kept
for experimental usage.
Example of usage: make pct, compiles a connectivity matrix
generator that is based around fixed percentages of network

/scripts holds queuing and bash scripts. The codebase has been
designed to run on computing clusters, such as UK's Hartree
Centre STFC (
The folder contains scripts for executing the simulator on said
clusters. Furthermore, for home usage and testing, /scripts
holds sample scripts for compiling and using the OpenMP version
of the code on an x86-based architecture (please check

* scripts flagged as work in progress:

** Please note: the simulator executes natively on the KNC
card and requires an ssh connection to it. It assumes
the existence of a common filesystem between host and KNC - as
is common practice for KNC systems - and the sample scripts for
home usage have been set up assuming common filesystems. Should
this not hold true, the script will need altering.


The Project is the fruit of collaboration between
Microprocessors and Digital Systems Laboratory(MicroLAB),
National Technical University of Athens(NTUA)
the Institute of Communication and
Computer Systems
Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam (EMC)

For questions regarding this project, contact
George Chatzikonstantis (
and Dr. Harry Sidiropoulos (


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