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TinyPlan V4
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This is the newly developed TinyPlan V4 - 8 channel servo Control Board, that is also Arduino IDE compatible.
This is an all-in-one servo control board that offers control of up to 8 servo motors through WiFi,
operates at 5V, carries its own two Lithium Ion Capacitors for power source,
and has USB-to-TTL chip on-board for direct plugging to program.
This little board allows people to easily enter the world of servo controlling.

Specifications and Features

Provide 8 GPIO ports to control up to 8 servo motors simultaneously
Genuine ESP-WROOM-02 WiFi module from ESPRESS, 4M flash memory
I2C port for expansion of extra functions
5V/250mAh Lithium Ion Capacitor for power with nominal output of 10C
Micro USB for programming
Charging using phone chargers, USB to DC plug cable will be included in the package

Dimension is L60mm x W42mm x H24mm

TinyPlan 基本操作 與 程式使用 說明 :

TinyPlan V4 韌體更新 操作說明 :

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