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My Own Diary
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My Own Diary 1.0

A personal calendar

Diary is a simple calendar for personal use, nothing fancy, just a way to save a list of activities, tasks or whatever stuff you will do or have done on a daily basis. It can be used as a calendar for appointments, to-do or to-done list to keep track of your daily achievements.

Personally, I use it to keep track of what I have done today in my computer, bugs fixed, programs coded or to sketch ideas and keep track of progress.

Take a look here:

User interface

The whole app is just one html page, with one stylesheet and one script. It also uses a basic python controller and a python api to manage data. You can use any database you want, mysql, mongo or even appengine datastore.



Just copy the files to any web server and adapt accordingly to your data server.

diary.html  -- the interface
diary.css   -- the stylesheet
diary.js    -- the script

application -- the main entry point   -- your data manager

That's it. Enjoy it!


Because Diary uses the latest tricks in the web world, it only works in modern browsers like Chrome and Safari. Sorry guys, if you can make it work in Firefox and Explorer good for you and let me know.

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