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A 2D game developed for the miniLD69, using my own (Pixels2D) engine / C++11 and OpenGL /
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Chuck Norris' Retirement day

Mini Ludum Dare #69 game competition project

Title: Chuck Norris' Retirement day

Game page:

Ludum Dare

This is my first Ludum Dare's entry game. It is created using custom 2D engine I called Pixels2D, developed in C++ using OpenGL and SDL. You can access the engine on:

The game's idea is simple. Alien invaders came to destroy the humankind but there he is Chuck Norris appearing as the last hope of all. Playing as Chuck you have to kill all aliens and prevent them from removing the mankind off the Earth.


  • MOVEMENT: WASD or Arrow keys
  • WEAPON CHANGE: keys 1, 2 and 3 (the upper/top ones)
    • 1 is a pistol, 2 is a shotgun, 3 is a machine gun

Gotta say that it's an only Windows build... In order to run it, just unzip and click the .exe file. :)

The development time of the game itself was about 3 days, while that version of the engine took me 2+ weeks.

UPDATE: For those who experience troubles with starting the game, read the following! Until I fix the issue with the error - missing MSVCP140.dll, you will need to download , the file you need is: vc_redist.x86.exe.

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