Workflow Designs

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![](APT Workflow.jpg)

Demonstration Video

This video demonstrates the workflows developed by the Georgetown University Library to export content to Academic Preservation Trust.

Demonstration Video

List of Workflows

Workflows Developed

  • Item Metadata and Master Content reside in DSpace (no user action)
  • Item Metadata resides in DSpace, Master Content on other media. User manually associates Master Content.

Workflows to Develop

  • Item Metadata update from DSpace
  • Item/Collection Metadata defined in an ArchivesSpace Digital Object
  • Item/Collection Metadata defined in an ArchivesSpace Accession
  • Item/Collection Metadata defined in an ArchivesSpace Resource
  • Item/Collection Metadata defined in Embark

Export Step

IR Content from DSpace (Master file in DSpace)


Export Original and License files from DSpace

dspace packager -d -e ${USER} -t AIP -o includeBundles=ORIGINAL,LICENSE -i "${ITEM}" ${AIPFILE}
  • DSpace mets.xml will be used for metadata
  • No manual intervention is needed for these files.

Other content from DSapce (Access file in DSpace)

  • Create ${AIPDIR}

    /opt/dspace/bin/dspace packager -d -e ${USER} -t AIP -o manifestOnly=true -i "${ITEM}" ${AIPDIR}

  • User manually adds preservation bitstreams

Non-DSpace Workflows

  • Custom exporters will be written for other repositories (ArchviesSpace, Embark).
  • An export directory will be written following the structure above
  • Metadata export will use the export capabilities of the repository of record

Assemble and Verify Step

  • Fully automated exports where possible
  • Manually load media files into export directories

Packaging Step

Create Bag

java -cp FileAnalyzerBagUtils-2.0.jar edu.georgetown.library.fileAnalyzer.cmd.AIPToAPTCmd -srcorg ${SRCORG} -zip -institution ${BAGNAME}

Validate Bag


Upload Step

apt_list -bucket receiving -limit 500 | grep ${BAGNAME}
  • Save ETAG to database

Ingest Confirmation Step

java -jar APTUploadVerification-1.0.jar -apiprop ${APIPROP} -bag ${BAGNAME} -item

Metadata Confirmation Step

  • Create a metadata update file
<dublin_core schema="dc">
    <dcvalue element="identifier" qualifier="uri">${HANDLEURI}</dcvalue>
    <dcvalue element="identifier" qualifier="uri">${HDLNETURI}</dcvalue>
    <dcvalue element="identifier" qualifier="other">APT-ETAG: ${ETAG}</dcvalue>
  • Apply the metadata update

dspace itemupdate -e ${USER} -a dc.identifier.other -s srcdir

  • Metadata update plans have not yet been designed for non-DSpace content.
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