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The File Analyzer is a general purpose desktop (and command line) tool designed to automate simple, file-based operations. The File Analyzer assembles a toolkit of tasks a user can perform.

The tasks that have been written into the File Analyzer code base have been optimized for use by libraries, archives, and other cultural heritage institutions.

See User Interface Overview for user instructions.

Purpose of the File Analyzer

The File Analyzer can scan files within a directory and perform a File Test Rule on each file

Demonstration Video: Analyzing Files within a Directory

Demonstration Video

The File Analyzer can analyze the records within a file and apply a File Import Rule against every record and generate a report

Demonstration Video: Analyzing Records within a File

Demonstration Video

The results of multiple File Analyzer operations can be merged for comparison purposes

Demonstration Video: Merging and Comparing Results

Demonstration Video

What is the File Analyzer?

Desktop Application written in Java

What does it do?

  • Scans a file system and performs a File Test Rule on files
  • Imports a file with a File Import Rule, and performs an action on records within the file
  • Presents summary results that can be filtered, sorted, and exported
  • Results Merging


  • Easy to add additional rules to the application to implement local business rules
  • Same UI for all tasks

A command-line interface is also available to automate tasks that are run frequently.

Benefits of the File Analyzer?

The File Analyzer provides a common interface for simple automation of tasks.

  • Present tasks in a simple User Interface
  • Reduce learning curve when deploying a new task
  • New tasks are easy for a user to locate

New File Analyzer rules can be written quickly and easily.

Read File Analyzer Stories describing the problems that have been solved with the application.

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