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File Analyzer Training Code4Lib 2014

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Pre-conference Preparation Tasks

  1. Install and build the File Analyzer (required): Installation instructions
  2. Send Terry a quick note confirming that you were able to complete the installs. At the end of the pre-conference session, we will code a custom File Analyzer rule. In your email, indicate your level of experience/comfort programming in Java. This portion of the session will be tailored to the experience of the audience.
  3. A Java IDE is recommended for last portion of the pre-conference. If you do not already have a Java IDE available, consider installing the Eclipse Standard Edition:

Training Outline

  • File Analyzer Overview
  • Try it yourself
  • Demonstration of highly customized File Analyzer Rules
  • Your ideas for future customizations
  • Coding a File Analyzer rule

Overview Documentation

Demonstration of basic tasks

User documentation is available at the link listed above.

Try it yourself

Sample data files corresponding to these exercises will be provided at the start of the pre-conference session. Download the exercise test files from GitHub. Extract the contents of the zip file after you download it.

Exercises to try

Run "Count Files by Type" on the "01_Flash Drive Inventory" folder.

  • Sort the results from highest count to lowest count. What file type occurs most frequently?

Run "Match by Name" on the "01_Flash Drive Inventory" folder. 

  • Which file names have been duplicated?
  • Remove your open tabs

Run "Match by Base Name"

  • on the PDFs folder
  • run it again on the Word Docs folder
  • Which word document does not have a corresponding PDF?

Remove the tabs from all of your prior tests.

Run "Sort by Checksum" looking only at image files

  • on the Checksum Tests folder. 
  • run it again on the Checksum Tests2 folder. 
  • Which files are not identical between the 2 folders?
  • Remove the tab for your test on the Checksum Tests2 folder.
  • Export the results from your first "Sort by Checksum" task as a tab-delimited file.  Export only the key and data fields.
  • Import your checksum results using "Import Delimited File"
  • Use the merge tool to compare your imported file to the results from your checksum test
  • No differences should exist

Customized imports

Regular Expression Parser

Count Key

Demonstration of Customized File Analyzer Rules

  • Image Properties
  • Page Count
  • Counter compliant report validation
  • Output to Bursar processing*
  • Invoice processing*
  • Identify digital derivatives
  • ETD Processing for DSpace ingest

*institution specific solution

Discussion: Your ideas for future enhancements

Creating a File Test Rule or a File Import Rule

Coding a File Test Rule or File Import Rule

The project to be implemented will be determined by the interest of the group.

Parse MARC records and validate custom business logic

Analyze Digital Image Properties

PDF Introspection

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