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A board game to teach and encourage people to use open science
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A board game to teach and encourage people to use open science

This repository holds the working plans and outputs for the open science game team for the 2019 eLife Sprint.


This game was created to be:

  • Fun
    • We want to make a game that people actually enjoy! The core mechanic of the game should be fun enough to play for a non-scientist, however the details of narrative should provide extra amusement to those familiar with academia!
  • Educational
    • The game aims to teach people about:
      • the value of doing science collaboratively
      • the value of publishing in an Open fashion
      • the importance of effective communication
      • the value of investing in learning tools to enable better science.
    • The game also aims to inform people about specific Open Science tools they could use in real life to help them do better Open Science!
  • Simple
    • The game should be easy to pick up and start playing. It should require minimal set up and not be overcomplicated.
    • However, a simple set-up and rules should not be confused with simple strategy. The game should be sufficiently complex to engage the brain and provide ample opportunity for strategising.
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